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Michael Whidden

Been Watching Since: 1994

Favorite Wrestler, currently: Dolph Ziggler

Favorite Wrestler of All Time: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Least Favorite Wrestler, currently: Brock Lesnar

                                     Least Favorite Wrestler of All Time: Gangrel

                                     Guilty Pleasure: 3 Minute Warning

                                     Catchphrase: "Everytime I pick Triple H, I lose"

How Podswoggle Saved Wrestling for Me

Fantasy Football With Wrestlers

Special Guest Referee Rule Book

The Diary Of Kane

Greatest Real-Life Heel Turns

Ultimate Professional Wrestling Fan’s Bucket List

What I Learned During WrestleMania XXVIII Weekend

WWE WrestleMania X-Seven Retro Diary

"If Wrestlers Were..." NCIS Characters

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