• Swoggle Squad Podswoggle 197: Read Confessions, Draw Zero Dimes
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle197PicIn this mini-episode of Podswoggle, the Squad reads more sexy confessions. This becomes a classic episode when the Chosen One rears his head.

  • Swoggle Squad Podswoggle 196: The 5th Annual Draft
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle196PicIn this super-sized episode of Podswoggle, the Squad holds their yearly draft. This year doesn't disappoint. Rich and Mullet are out for blood, Tope is in a fantasy world, Augie is first and Whidden sounds like T-Pain.

  • Swoggle Squad Podswoggle 195: Summer with a Chance of Slam
    Written by Swoggle Squad


    In this episode of Podswoggle, the Squad is spread across the country, but united in recapping recent news before unveiling their picks for SummerSlam 2014. Key things to know in this show: Augie is in first, Whidden loves one family, Tope and Mullet loves Suits and Rich goes to the dogs.

  • Chris Mullet PPV Diary Entry 17: Survivor Series 1988
    Written by Chris Mullet

    Survivor88-MainThe seventeenth entry in Mullet's PPV diary brings us back to Richfield, OH for the second Survivor Series. It's like the first Survivor Series except there are more gold masks, jive white dudes and references to Daniel Stern-directed films.

  • Swoggle Squad Podswoggle 194: Quest for the Quad Pt. 4
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle194PicIn this episode of Podswoggle, we reach the end of our journey with the 2011 Rumble. I cannot stress enough how quickly this podcast takes a turn for the worse. Fun note: Rich labelled this "04HAANDouttARumble" when we were done. 100% DUNN.


If Seth Rollins was Plan B and Brock Lesnar was Plan C, who was Plan D?


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