• Swoggle Squad Drunk History Shorts: Ric Flair's WWF Debut
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    With more beer in him than Stone Cold Steve Austin at a redneck wedding, Podswoggle's Mullet goes through the WWF debut of Ric Flair in 1991.

  • Swoggle Squad Podswoggle 220: Special Package Delivery
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle220PicIn this episode of Podswoggle, the Squad welcomes world class referee Chris Package Sharpe to BS about life in the stripes, crazy characters and over the top expressions...and his awesome name. We hope you enjoy Package's story as much as we did!

  • Swoggle Squad Podswoggle 219: The TriviaMania Challenge
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle219PicIn this episode of Podswoggle, Mullet bought a cheap WWE board game and pits Augie against a room full of people who are even more casual wrestling fans to see who comes out on top. This is a great social experiment that will cause die hard wrestling fans to pull their hair out. 

  • Swoggle Squad Podswoggle 218: Rumblin Bumblin Stumblin LIVE
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle218PicIn this episode of Podswoggle, Tope pops his drinking for the Rumble cherry in Chicago with Rich and friends as they watch the 2015 Royal Rumble live. It has to be a fun time, right?

  • Swoggle Squad Podswoggle 217: Royal Rumble Toil and Trouble
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle217PicIn this episode of Podswoggle, the Squad unveils their picks for the potentially crazy 2015 Royal Rumble. Featured in this show: a WCW crossover game, a call to arms, single digit shock and, eventually, possibly ruining a pair of shoes.


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