• Swoggle Squad Podswoggle 238: PodSlam 2015 Drunk History
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle238PicWe are still LIVE in the Bughouse Theater in Chicago for PodSlam 2015 for another first: a Drunk History in front of an audience. Mullet tells the tale of everyone's favorite giant and then we get sentimental as our groundbreaking event draws to a close. Thank you all so much for your support!

  • Swoggle Squad Podswoggle 237: PodSlam 2015 Opening and Games
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle237PicFor the first time EVER, the podcast is LIVE from the Bughouse Theater in Chicago for PodSlam 2015! This week, the Squad gets used to everything, talks a little NXT and closes out with two classics. One more live episode coming next week! Check out givetochildrens.org/podslam15

  • Swoggle Squad Podswoggle 236: The Games Before the Slam
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle229PicIn this episode of Podswoggle, we are less than 72 hours away from PodSlam 2015 and the Squad prepares with some old fashioned games. Mad Libs, Twitter, Guest Bookie and 8-bit wet your appetite for one hell of a podcast marathon this Saturday!

  • Swoggle Squad Podswoggle 235: Zayn on the Brain
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle235PicIn this episode of Podswoggle, the boys recap the news in the wrestling world right now as PodSlam 2015 is on the horizon. The topics include Sami Zayn, Daniel Bryan's health, Sami Zayn, big hands, Sami Zayn, Tope being right and SAMI ZAYN.

  • Andrew Zangre Tuesdays with Lesnar
    Written by Andrew Zangre

    Brock-MainOld friend Andrew Zangre has returned to Podswoggle.com with one hell of a tale: his quality time spent with Brock Lesnar. 


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