• Swoggle Squad Podswoggle 206: Figure It Out
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle206PicIn this mini-episode of Podswoggle, Mullet looks at the child still very much inside of him and quizzes the gang on wrestling action figures. Try eating an apple throughout the show.

  • Rich Camillucci Clash of the Main Events 2
    Written by Rich Camillucci

    RichEvent2-MainRich Cami is finally back (after Mullet took forever to post this) and he has his wedding attire on! It is the second ever Saturday Night's Main Event!

  • Swoggle Squad Podswoggle 205: All Laughing Matter
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle205PicIn this episode of Podswoggle, Mullet has some fun games, Rich remains positive, Dave is humorous about Hugh Morrus, Whidden strikes out and Augie randomly jumps in.

  • Swoggle Squad Podswoggle 204: Rumblin Bumblin Stumblin XX
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle204PicIn this episode of Podswoggle, Gainesville is still the location, Tim and Ali are still the guests and Rumblin is still the topic. This time, it's 2008. Superbird is still a thing, but so is EZ Cheese and John Cena's return. Oh, and ain't no stoppin' this panini!

  • Chris Mullet PPV Diary Entry 19: Royal Rumble 1989
    Written by Chris Mullet

    Rumble89-MainThe nineteenth entry in Mullet's PPV diary took awhile and he explains why. After that, you get to read all about Pat Patterson's baby making it to PPV.


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