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WM5-MainMullet sits and watches the Mega Powers explode at WrestleMania V. He might explode during one of the other THIRTEEN matches.

ChiTown-MainMullet rings in the New Year with his next PPV diary. This installment takes us to the Windy City. You're certainly going to be blown away by the end of the show.

RichEvent3-MainRich is in the holiday spirit for his newest SNME diary: the Halloween Spirit. Read about one wacky show that is right up one Italian's alley.

RichEvent2-MainRich Cami is finally back (after Mullet took forever to post this) and he has his wedding attire on! It is the second ever Saturday Night's Main Event!

Rumble89-MainThe nineteenth entry in Mullet's PPV diary took awhile and he explains why. After that, you get to read all about Pat Patterson's baby making it to PPV.

RichEvent1-MainRich Cami begins his own journey on the WWE Network by watching every free special wrestling event. First up is the inaugural Saturday Night's Main Event.

Starrcade88-MainThe eighteenth entry in Mullet's PPV diary is long overdue, but finally hitts the websitte. Itt is sixtth edittion of Sttarrcade and, for some reason, itt is subttittled "True Gritt."

Survivor88-MainThe seventeenth entry in Mullet's PPV diary brings us back to Richfield, OH for the second Survivor Series. It's like the first Survivor Series except there are more gold masks, jive white dudes and references to Daniel Stern-directed films.

Flairiod1-MainEvery 16 PPVs, Mullet will take a step back from the diaries and recap what he has seen. Here is the first installment.

Summer88-MainThe sixteenth entry in Mullet's PPV diary tackles the first SummerSlam when the MegaPowers met the MegaBucks. Read along and meet Donny Lalonde, the waters of Lake Minnetonka and a lot of Billy Graham's voice.

GAB88-MainThe fifteenth entry in Mullet's PPV diary asks what the Price of Freedom is with the first PPV Great American Bash. Your Host asks if the crap that he knows is coming means all of it will be crap.

WrestleMania4-MainThe fourteenth entry in Mullet's PPV diary features sixteen matches, four hours of wrestling, two men watching it and thousands of words that lament on the whole show.

Rumble88-MainThe thirteenth entry in Mullet's PPV diary didn't require a pay to view, but does require some patient as Vince McMahon gives the Royal Rumble a try. 

Bunkhouse-MainThe twelfth entry in Mullet's PPV diary is another first-time view with NWA's Bunkhouse Stampede. What can go wrong with a battle royal in a steel cage?

Starrcade87-MainThe eleventh entry in Mullet's PPV diary turns to the Windy City for some Chi-Town Heat. Starrcade 1987 has an uphill battle. Does it make it to the top of that hill?

Survivor87-MainThe tenth entry in Mullet's PPV diary makes him think he is back at 102 Archwood Ave in Akron because it is his most-watched show as a kid. Will he survive as an adult?

WrestleMania3-MainThe ninth entry in Mullet's PPV diary is BIGGER, BETTER and BADDER!!! The historic third WrestleMania is covered in its entirety. Hopefully, 93,173 people read this.

Starrcade86-MainThe eighth entry in Mullet's PPV diary might take four hours to read like it did for him to watch this show, but it is worth it. Your Host walks in the sky with Starrcade 1986.

BigEvent-MainThe seventh entry in Mullet's PPV diary tackles WWF's Big Event in Toronto. Which event? The big one that is the shortest show with the most edits.

WrestleMania2-MainThe sixth entry in Mullet's PPV diary wasn't written in three different locations, but it does review WrestleMania 2. This is what the world will be reading.

Starrcade85-MainThe fifth entry in Mullet's PPV diary returns us to the NWA and Starrcade 1985. Read all about the show dubbed "The Gathering" and why Sweeney Todd looks tame in comparison.

WrestlingClassic-MainIt took 27 years, but Mullet has finally watched the "first official" PPV in WWF history. It is the fourth entry in his PPV Diary, it is the Wrestling Classic and it is a doozy.

WrestleMania1-MainMullet has finally reached the WWE portion of his WWE Network PPV diary. Read Mullet (and Rich's) thoughts as they watch the show that started it all.

Starrcade84-MainYour Host's long trek through WWE Network's PPV history continues with a lengthy recap of "The Million Dollar Challenge". That should have been Mullet's payday for watching this.

Starrcade83-MainMullet's long journey begins! Starting from the beginning of the WWE Network's PPV history, here is Your Host's recap of "A Flair for the Gold". Buckle your seatbelts...this is going to be a long, bumpy ride.

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