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13 Jun

teaserThere has been so much talk and disappointment about Sting never going to TNA, one person has been forgotten.  Mullet examines this travesty.

11 Jun

teaserGuest Writer Sara Solano has an unfortunate addiction and it has carried over to the wrestling world.  Read all about wrestlers...as little ponies.

04 Jun

2ndverseteaserTope examines the awfulness that is wrestling entrance themes' second verses...and it's ugly.

01 Jun

teaserWrestling is made up of moments that define the industry.  Mullet examines the moments that mattered so little when they were thought to mean so much.

30 May

teaserSometimes wrestling imitates real life and vice versa.  No aspect proves that better than heel turns. Whidden jumped around pop culture to find the best real-life heel turns. Get your hashtags ready. 

29 May

teaserIn Chapter Three of his ongoing series, Brian Jaeger continues his journey as a wrestling fan.  Read about Jaeger's discovery of the internet, insider news and a lot more embarassing stuff.

28 May

chynateaserAfter losing Podswoggle's annual Marcho Madness, Augie was forced to watch "Backdoor to Chyna." Follow along with him as he enjoys all five scenes of the porno that changed his life forever.

23 May

teaserGuest Writer Eric Miller makes his debut on Podswoggle.com and relives an experience many would be afraid of: a WCW Thunder he attended live.  Welcome to the team, Eric!

21 May

alarmclockteaserAs the only former radio personality in the Swoggle Squad, Rich took it upon himself to create WWE's own radio station.  Don't move that dial, sit back, relax and enjoy.

18 May

pipebombteaserIt has almost been one full year since CM Punk dropped his first Pipe Bomb in Raw.  A lot has changed since then, but Tope thinks everything that has happened was outlined in that very promo.  Read about Punk being the Nostradamus of the WWE.

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