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27 Jul

teaserBeing a special guest referee is a hard job with so many rules to remember. Well, never fear because Whidden is here to bring all those rules together into one place.

25 Jul

teaserBrian Jaeger has reached into his own vault and provided Podswoggle.com with an original copy of his Slam Sheet Newsletter from 1998. Needless to say, enjoy!

23 Jul

wwevstnaThe world of wrestling thrives when two companies duke it out for supremacy.  Sara Solano analyzes this and finds a wizardly connection.

20 Jul

teaserMullet has begun his descent into old age and he has figured out the reason.  The answer may shock you.

18 Jul

teaserAndrew Zangre is back on Podswoggle.com and he has a bit of a confession: Triple H is his type of guy.

16 Jul

birthdaycaketeaserShawn Decker is back with his own fantastic brand of thoughts and analysis on the recent events in the world of wrestling.  This go-around: It's Shawn's birthday and he can wish if he wants to.

13 Jul

021199ThunderteaserGuest Writer Eric Miller is back with Part 2 of his Retro Diary of his experience at a WCW Thunder he attended live.

09 Jul

mitbteaserWe are less than one week away from the third annual Money in the Bank PPV and with a little help from the Swoggle Squad (and The Internet), Tope ranks all 10 MITB cash-ins while finding the Good, Bad and Funny in each World Title win.

06 Jul

shouldntteaserPodswoggle welcomes our new Guest Writer, Mike Holzer, who debuts his monthly column of Should Do, Shouldn't Do! It is a fantastic and funny addition to the site.  Check it out!

04 Jul

teaserKane certainly has an interesting track record with women in the WWE. Well, Whidden decided to steal Kane’s diary to see what he thought of them all. You think you know, but you have no idea.

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