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20 Feb

podswoggleteaserThere wasn't always five members of the Swoggle Squad. In this article, Whidden details how he got involved with this crazy group and how it was the best thing for his wrestling life.

26 Jan

drunkrumble90teaserWatch and enjoy the 1990 Royal Rumble Match with commentary from the progressively getting drunker Swoggle Squad!

25 Jan

rumblegameteaserTo get everyone prepared for the Rumble this Sunday, Mullet counts down the 26 greatest moments in Royal Rumble Drinking Game History. Get some friends and make your own!

02 Dec

Drunk2007Watch and enjoy the 2007 Royal Rumble Match with commentary from the progressively getting drunker Swoggle Squad!

01 Oct

fantasyfootballteaserThe NFL season is well underway and that means millions are enjoying fantasy football. Whidden did his research and created the greatest fantasy roster...with nothing but wrestlers.

17 Sep

1-2-kickoutteaserShawn Decker is back with his own fantastic brand of thoughts and analysis on the recent events in the world of wrestling.  This go-around: Shawn attempts to re-write the wrestling dictionary

14 Sep

usahooooooteaserAs Night of Champions approaches, Tope goes on an American roadtrip to investigate the locations of every WWE title win with the aid of facts.

10 Sep

MEPodswoggle85Mullet updates the Podswoggle audience on the recent lack of updates and the future.

15 Aug


The Swoggle Squad is taking it easy this week for their ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, but encourage you to read our revamped Mission Statement.

08 Aug

shaneteaserIn his debut as a Guest Writer, Robert Kristoffersen examines the "memorable" reigns and moments of the European Championship.

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Out of all of the legit bad asses and wackos in wrestling history, who do you trust the most with a kitty?

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