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27 Jun

Starrcade86-MainThe eighth entry in Mullet's PPV diary might take four hours to read like it did for him to watch this show, but it is worth it. Your Host walks in the sky with Starrcade 1986.

19 Jun

BigEvent-MainThe seventh entry in Mullet's PPV diary tackles WWF's Big Event in Toronto. Which event? The big one that is the shortest show with the most edits.

15 Jun

WrestleMania2-MainThe sixth entry in Mullet's PPV diary wasn't written in three different locations, but it does review WrestleMania 2. This is what the world will be reading.

08 Jun

Starrcade85-MainThe fifth entry in Mullet's PPV diary returns us to the NWA and Starrcade 1985. Read all about the show dubbed "The Gathering" and why Sweeney Todd looks tame in comparison.

27 May

WrestlingClassic-MainIt took 27 years, but Mullet has finally watched the "first official" PPV in WWF history. It is the fourth entry in his PPV Diary, it is the Wrestling Classic and it is a doozy.

20 May

WrestleMania1-MainMullet has finally reached the WWE portion of his WWE Network PPV diary. Read Mullet (and Rich's) thoughts as they watch the show that started it all.

12 May

Starrcade84-MainYour Host's long trek through WWE Network's PPV history continues with a lengthy recap of "The Million Dollar Challenge". That should have been Mullet's payday for watching this.

24 Apr

Starrcade83-MainMullet's long journey begins! Starting from the beginning of the WWE Network's PPV history, here is Your Host's recap of "A Flair for the Gold". Buckle your seatbelts...this is going to be a long, bumpy ride.

07 Mar

tensaiangerMEFor the third year in a row, Mullet goes over the biggest storylines in the Marcho Madness tournament. Read all about it and fill out your bracket!

20 Jan

2010RumbleWatch and enjoy the 2010 Royal Rumble Match with commentary from the progressively getting drunker Swoggle Squad!

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