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20 Jan

WM5-MainMullet sits and watches the Mega Powers explode at WrestleMania V. He might explode during one of the other THIRTEEN matches.

04 Jan

ChiTown-MainMullet rings in the New Year with his next PPV diary. This installment takes us to the Windy City. You're certainly going to be blown away by the end of the show.

28 Dec

RichEvent3-MainRich is in the holiday spirit for his newest SNME diary: the Halloween Spirit. Read about one wacky show that is right up one Italian's alley.

04 Nov

RichEvent2-MainRich Cami is finally back (after Mullet took forever to post this) and he has his wedding attire on! It is the second ever Saturday Night's Main Event!

21 Oct

Rumble89-MainThe nineteenth entry in Mullet's PPV diary took awhile and he explains why. After that, you get to read all about Pat Patterson's baby making it to PPV.

17 Sep

RichEvent1-MainRich Cami begins his own journey on the WWE Network by watching every free special wrestling event. First up is the inaugural Saturday Night's Main Event.

15 Sep

Starrcade88-MainThe eighteenth entry in Mullet's PPV diary is long overdue, but finally hitts the websitte. Itt is sixtth edittion of Sttarrcade and, for some reason, itt is subttittled "True Gritt."

01 Sep

nwodrunkWith more beer in him than Stone Cold Steve Austin at a redneck wedding, Podswoggle's Mullet goes through the formation of one of the greatest stables in wrestling history, The New World Order

30 Aug

083014In this week's Kayfabe Mailbag #4: Nikki drops the WOMB bomb, Lesnar has a chance to join a special club and the War is back

16 Aug

081614In this week's Kayfabe Mailbag #2: Tope takes you to WWE Law School, Hollywood + Wrestling and The One vs The One Who Might Beat The One And Then Become The New One

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