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PPV Diary Entry 17: Survivor Series 1988

11 Aug

Survivor88-TopRecently, legends like Jim Ross and Jim Cornette have received some criticism online for having curmudgeonly attitudes regarding modern wrestling lacking some elements of the past. People have said that JR and Corny are living in the past or being bitter or simply out of touch. For a majority of the discussion, I understand both sides of the argument. However, I feel that one argument can be made regarding larger concepts as opposed to the benefits of working an arm for 35 minutes.

I would argue that wrestling needs to have more overreaching nostalgia. Sure, we get Old School Raw and vintage shirts, but have more stuff like that on rotation. Bring us classic PPV intros like the Royal Rumble used to have with Vince popping blood vessels saying Haku. Bring us Prime Time Wrestling bits. More importantly, bring back the special nature of PPVs like Survivor Series.

Having nothing but elimination matches on the show with its unique presentation could really stand out in this era. New fans would like it because it isn’t passé at all and older fans would dig the retro feel.

Read about the second Survivor Series and tell me it wouldn’t work today.


Written on 8/11/14

THE FIRST THING YOU SEE: We are live in the Richfield Coliseum again and the metal Survivor Series logo hits the screen. Gorilla and Jesse the Pilgrim welcome us and Jesse already gets a joke about “scenic Cleveland” in. It’s going to be a good show.

-A big pop for the Ultimate Warrior’s music and his team’s entrance. Brutus Beefcake looks like a feminine Beetlejuice, Sam Houston and Jim Brunzell get little reaction, the Blue Blazer still makes me uncomfortable and the Warrior is JACKED.

-Big heat for the Honky Tonk Man and his team of misfits.


MATCH NUMBER ONE: SURVIVOR SERIES ELIMINATION MATCH- The Ultimate Warrior, Brutus Beefcake, Sam Houston, Jim Brunzell and the Blue Blazer vs Honky Tonk Man, Ron Bass, Greg Valentine, Danny Davis and Bad News Brown w/Jimmy Hart

-Beefcake and the Warrior shake the ropes together. Beefcake and Valentine start. Will they mention their history as tag champs? Not so far.

-I think I just saw Naomi wear Beefcake’s outfit the other day.

-DANNY DAVIS is the 1st wrestler eliminated at 1:17 by Brutus Beefcake and his sleeper hold. He is out like a light. Maybe he is narcoleptic.

-Valentine’s shin guard makes him look like Elysium.

-The Blazer enters and impresses easrly with a headscissors. Jesse says he is reminded of himself with the Blazer. Ventura is an early MVP of the PPV again.

-Brunzell’s tights are maybe the laziest tye-dye job ever.

-I don’t think Bad News Brown knows any hold. His strikes are good enough.

-Gorilla calls Brunzell a youngster.

-JIM BRUNZELL is the 2nd wrestler eliminated at 5:12 by Bad News Brown’s Ghetto Blaster. I guess B. Brian Blair got out while the going was good.

-Houston is destroyed by a Brown big boot. That will teach him to calm down.

-There has been plenty of talk of Brown never teaming up with anyone. Valentine tags back in. I think Honky and Bass are only there in spirit.

-Valentine accidentally hits Brown, who pushes Valentine and an argument ensues. BAD NEWS BROWN is the 3rd wrestler eliminated at 7:49 via countout when he bails on his team. I love his gimmick.

-Houston takes another big boot in the corner. He is really getting his keister kicked.

-I really like that Warrior hasn’t done anything except shake the ropes and thrust his arm on the apron.

-SAM HOUSTON is the 4th wrestler eliminated at 10:10 by a Ron Bass powerslam.

-Warrior finally gets in the ring and cleans house with punches and a shoulder tackle to Honky.

-A good nearfall by Bass on a Blazer Rocket Launcher.

-Valentine tries to be fast enough for Blazer, but can’t get underneath him on a leap frog. I do like that everyone seems to be going out of their way to make Owen look great.

-Honky pushes Blazer off the top rope and he hurts his knees. BLUE BLAZER is the 5th wrestler eliminated at 12:24 via submitting to Valentine’s Figure Four. There are no bells for the falls, but thankfully, Fink announces it to the crowd.

-Jesse finally mentions the Dream Team history.

-The Shake, Rattle and Roll is cool, but ridiculous. It is easily countered every time.

-Beefcake slaps the sleeper on Honky and they fall to the floor. BRUTUS BEEFCAKE AND HONKY TONK MAN are the 6th and 7th wrestlers eliminated at 15:44 via countout after a brawl on the floor.

-Bass and Valentine double team Warrior, who is shaking with every bump.

-Warrior hits a double clothesline to get the advantage. It was the best clothesline he has ever thrown.

-RON BASS is the 8th wrestler eliminated at 17:27 by an Ultimate Warrior double axe handle. Jesse complains that Bass wasn’t the legal man.

-Was Warrior just too lazy to do the splash tonight? GREG VALENTINE is the 9th wrestler eliminated with a Warrior double axe handle.


WINNER: The UItimate Warrior survives in 17:50

-Warrior tries to cut a promo to the camera, but it cuts away to the crowd. Good move.

-The replay shows the weak ass finish on Valentine.

FINAL WORD: It wasn’t the strongest elimination match, but it was never boring. It just sort of existed.


-We aren’t stalling tonight! Demolition’s theme hits. I love the inset pictures of the teams before the entrances. The champs enter with Fuji and the badass Conquistadores follow. The shitty Bolsheviks walk out and Slick is announced but unseen. Arn and Tully have made the jump and got Bobby Heenan with them. The Rougeaus are full blown baddies with Jimmy Hart.

-The Powers of Pain enter with more chains than 50 Shades of Grey. The freaking Young Stallions are in this sadly. The Rockers make their PPV debut to little reaction because they are the new guys. The British Bulldogs and the Hart Foundation are also here. If Dynamite Kid was wrestling today, he would get a chance for his moustache.

-It looks like a battle royal is about to start.


MATCH NUMBER TWO: SURVIVOR SERIES ELIMINATION MATCH- Demolition, The Conquistadores, The Bolsheviks, The Brainbusters and The Fabulous Rougeaus w/Mr. Fuji, Bobby Heenan and Jimmy Hart vs The Powers of Pain, The Young Stallions, The Rockers, The Hart Foundation and the British Bulldogs

-Jim Neidhart leads a big cheer in the corner.

-Davey Boy and one of the Conquistadores start. After one headbutt, Raymond Rougeau tags in.

-Shawn Michaels and Nikolai Volkoff might be the biggest disparity of talent at one time in a ring ever. Boris Zhukov makes the second case for that as HBK does the Daniel Bryan backflip in the turnbuckle.

-Marty Jannetty and Ax are in. Tags are a plenty.

-Arn looks at home right now. Tully as well. Gorilla and Jesse have to talk in generalities about their history.

-Jacques and Dynamite Kid are wrestling each other again. No fatalities!

-Jim Powers tag in and thankfully does nothing before Dynamite reenters.

-How is this structured? Everything is so fast and random. It is enjoyable, though.

-Bret Hart tags in to the best pop of the match and gets nailed by a Jacques flying elbow.

-THE FABULOUS ROUGEAUS are the 1st team eliminated at 5:36 when Bret pins Raymond with a small package. That kind of sucks.

-Paul Roma hits a nice leap to the top rope from a standing position like Shelton Benjamin to hit a cross body. I wasn’t expecting that from him.

-The Barbarian vs Smash gets a good reaction for their initial face off.

-Ax obliterates Bret Hart with a knee in the corner.

-Tully Blanchard vs Bret Hart. Give me some more of that!

-Nikolai hits Michaels with a Gorilla Press into a backbreaker and then a good knee to the gut. This is the best he’s ever looked.

-SPINEBUSTER by Arn on Michaels. That looked so good.

-Marty hits a sweet spinning hip lock counter on one of the Conquistadores.

-Nikolai, stop doing that spinning kick. I say that in the present tense because he is probably still doing it in front of 12 people.

-Tully hits the multiple elbow drops like Dolph Ziggler, but stops after four.

-The Warlord and the Conquistadores have zero chemistry. Ax and Warlord then tee off on each other for another good reaction.

-Barbarian hits a weird running leg lariat.

-Dynamite beheads Tully with a clothesline. Gorilla comments that he is happy to be retired because of that. Jesse says likewise and he is happy to have a stuntman now.

-THE YOUNG STALLIONS are the 2nd team eliminated in 15:34 when Boris Zhukov pins Jim Powers on a cross body roll through. That might be the only pin I will ever see Boris Zhukov get.

-Tully Blanchard is the new MVP of the PPV for taking great bumps and drawing great heat. After tagging in and seeing the Barbarian waiting for him, he cockily struts over to Nikolai and tags out, getting a rise out of the crowd.

-THE BOLSHEVIKS are the 3rd team eliminated in 18:18 when Marty Jannetty pins Boris Zhukov with a sunset flip set up by Shawn Michaels’ bling tag and punch combo.

-I remember the Conquistadores being really good. The short one is really sloppy. The big one sends Marty to the ceiling with a backdrop.

-Tully is reluctant to tag in once more, this time for Davey Boy Smith. It is hard to stand out amongst 20 guys, but he has done it.

-Gorilla rips Heenan for never having a champion in his family. What a great, long-term story.

-The Conquistadores take a fucking licking. I won’t even recap everything they just endured in succession.

-Tully confides in the Brian, then uses the ref to sucker punch the Barbarian. He keeps throwing the hot, stinky cheese. (I’m pissed I just came up with the Rookie of the Year idea. This might get excessive.)

-Smash talks trash and I thought he called the Barbarian a pervert. He may have, I don’t know.

-Bret Hart has worked very little. That is stupid. Meanwhile, Neidhart hits some stiff forearms on Arn’s chin.

-Gorilla loves talking about Bret being the Excellence of Execution. At least Bret got decent mileage out of it.

-THE HART FOUNDATION are the 4th team eliminated when Bret Hart German suplexes Tully Blanchard, but Tully gets his shoulder up and Bret doesn’t. That stinks.

-Dynamite Kid hits a TOMBSTONE on Tully Blanchard. It is only for a two count.

-The Rockers and the Brain Busters start brawling in the ring. The refs try to separate them and a superkick party erupts. THE ROCKERS AND THE BRAIN BUSTERS are the 5th and 6th team eliminated at 28:51 via DQ. Both teams fight to the back while Pat Patterson tries to help/touch Shawn Michaels as much as he can.

-Who did the Conquistadores blow to get this far into the match? The taller one did just hit a nice flip senton from the top. I can see the difference in the two of them. Conquistador #2 is the LVP of the PPV right now.Survivor88-Conquistadores

-So many heads have been run into boots on the apron. Everyone’s faces smell like feet now.

-Smash’s face paint still looks perfect 32 minutes into this match.

--Davey doesn’t try and pin the Conquistador after his patented running powerslam.  The heel tags soon afterwards. Silly.

-Ax makes more noise than a 30 year old car.

-I love how critical Gorilla is of silly pin attempts, not hooking the leg and not going for pins.

-Dynamite hits a nice snap suplex on Smash, but misses a diving headbutt. THE BRITISH BULLDOGS are the 7th team eliminated at 36:17 when Smash pins Dynamite Kid after a weak looking clothesline. The Bulldogs gets a nice reception from the crowd on their exit.

-Ax gets a mixed reaction after a nice flurry of offense on the Warlord. That is a sign.

-Fuji jumps on the apron randomly. Did he jump the gun on his cue?

-Fuji again yells and gestures. Smash runs the rope and Fuji pulls it down, causing Smash to hit the floor. The crowd doesn’t know what to do. DEMOLITION is the 8th team eliminated at 39:47 when Smash gets counted out. The commentators question what is going on and Ax starts yelling at Fuji, who bats Ax with the cane before nailing him in the back.

-Ax slams Fuji on the floor to a big pop as the action tries to resume in the ring. The Powers of Pain go to the floor and help Fuji up to boos. This is such a simple double turn. Meanwhile, the Conquistadores celebrate in the ring, thinking a countout is coming.

-The Warlord literally moves Fuji into their corner.

-Fuji trips one of the Conquistadore’s with his cane. THE CONQUISTADORES are the 9th team eliminated after a running Barbarian headbutt.


WINNERS: The Powers of Pain survive in 42:24

-The Powers put Fuji on their shoulders and Demolition runs back out to attack the new heels. Slams and clotheslines send the Powers out and Demolition’s theme plays. Richfield was a good crowd to pull this off.

FINAL WORD: It was incredibly long, but incredibly entertaining. Most of the personalities meshed and a big storyline kicked into a higher gear. Kudos.


-The replay shows Fuji blatantly cheating Smash and hitting Ax. This memory is so vivid from my childhood. Demolition’s theme works so well as a face theme.

-Sean Mooney interviews Bad News Brown backstage. He calls the audience “beer belly share croppers” and talks about wanting a shot at Macho Man’s title. He constantly messes up phrasings. Mooney doesn’t help, awfully setting up things.

-Mean Gene interviews Fuji and the Powers of Pain. Why was he ever a mouthpiece? It isn’t bad, but it is far from good. The Barbarian briefly talks and…wow, Fuji is better. The man looked scared to talk. The Warlord talks and it is short, sweet and makes me think he is Snitsky’s dad.

-The preview for the next match and the main event are shown. Hercules is a babyface, Hillbilly Jim is back, Akeem’s transformation has happened, Haku is the king, the Red Rooster is a thing and Ted DiBiase has taken a backseat. Now I will breathe.

-Andre’s team is interviewed by Mean Gene backstage. Curt Hennig and Harley Race are wearing sweet Survivor Series shirts. Heenan says this will be Jake Roberts’ last Thanksgiving. I don’t know why I think Dino Bravo looks like a white, jacked Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks. Rude and Perfect chimes in, exuding charisma in few words. Andre gets the final say and this was a great, heel promo all around.

-A kid is shown in the crowd with a cool, inflatable snake.

-Mooney interviews the MegaPowers and their compatriots. Frankie won’t shut up. Hercules’ chain is shared by Hulk and Hillbilly. Herc has a good tone and delivery for his promo on DiBiase. Hulk talks about a séance in the Pacific Ocean. It was going really well. Hogan recovers, but Mooney is so out of place. LVP of the PPV

Jake Roberts’ music hits and his team enters. Tito Santana is so 1980s Kofi Kingston as I said in my first Flairiod. Who the fuck is Scott Casey?


-Dino’s theme brings out the heels. I notice that Harley isn’t the King (if Haku wasn’t a clue earlier) and it is starting to be sad to watch Andre lumber to the ring.


MATCH NUMBER THREE: SURVIVOR SERIES ELIMINATION MATCH- Jake Roberts, Jim Duggan, Ken Patera, Tito Santana and Scott Casey vs Andre the Giant, Dino Bravo, Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect and Harley Race w/Frenchy Martin and Bobby Heenan

-Rude and Patera start. Patera is shrinking in old age.

-Rude’s tights have jazz hands.

-We are treated to Doublemint Dino again. I’m impressed at the mileage he has gotten out of the bench press thing.

-Is Casey replacing Rick Martel? Is Strike Force even together?

-Race hits a belly-to-belly on Casey. I’m glad he is on defense now because his offense wasn’t great.

-Jesse makes fun of the ring gear from Gorilla’s era, claiming everything was red, black or green. Gorilla mentions that stripes were an option and Jesse says, “OH! For the outlandish type!”

-Hacksaw almost goosesteps into the ring. He hits a dangerous clothesline on Hennig.

-Hennig no sells Scott Casey just because he is Scott Casey.

-Gorilla and Jesse talk about the Royal Rumble coming up in January with a 4 PM Eastern start time. WOW.

-Duggan looks less coordinated than Weird Al in the Tacky music video.

-KEN PATERA is the 1st wrestler eliminated at 8:20 by Rick Rude after a boot in the corner and a Rude Awakening. It think it is time to hang them up, Kenny. Cue awesome guitar music and Patera’s arm being shot like Gary Busey.

-Gorilla makes fun of Harley’s tattoos. Later in the night, Harley pulled on a gun on Gorilla’s whole family.

-SCOTT CASEY is the 2nd wrestler eliminated at 9:29 by Dino Bravo after a sidewalk slam. Good. He sucked. He is the new LVP of the PPV for showing why I’ve never heard of him before.

-Andre hasn’t tagged into the match yet. He just takes shots at guys on the apron.

-Race hits a slooooooooooow piledriver on Tito. Why is a piledriver never a three count?

-HARLEY RACE is the 3rd wrestler eliminated at 13:18 by Tito Santana after a flying forearm. The NWA burial continues.

-Andre legitimately ragdolls Tito on the ropes and sits on him twice.

-TITO SANTANA is the 4th wrestler eliminated at 14:42 by Andre the Giant after a sunset flip attempt is blocked by a butt drop and pin.

-Duggan gets Andre tied in the ropes and he teams up with Jake to take shots at the Giant while the crowd blows up.

-The heels are back on offense soon after and Perfect and Andre beat down Jake when the ref’s back is turned.

-Jake gives the sign for the DDT = the crowd going bananas = no DDT.

-Duggan’s best move is starting a “Go Jake Go” chant.

-Jesse always mispronounces Duggan’s last name as Dugan, which gets a chuckle out of me.

-Dino hits a jumping piledriver on Jake. Again, no three count. How did that move’s reputation turn around? Oh yeah, real paralysis.

-Duggan gets the hot tag and Frenchy trips Duggan’s leg before he delivers the Three Point Stance. Dino slams Duggan on the floor and the dolt has had enough.

-JIM DUGGAN is the 5th wrestler eliminated at 21:23 by DQ when he brings the 2X4 into the ring and hits Dino. Jake should be pissed. Duggan yelling “BULLSHIT” is bleeped. Hacksaw is the new LVP of the PPV because of his character being a doofus and his ring work resembling a doofus.

-Jake is all alone against four heels. Thankfully, he starts out against Hennig, who sells a knee lift like a gunshot.

Dino thwarts another DDT and Jake smartly takes a breather when Rude tags in. Jake tells him to kiss his ass in sign language.

-The crowd is restless, but that should be expected when the face is down four to one.

-Jesse drops a Robin Givens reference on commentary about Cheryl Roberts. Talk about dating this show!

-Rude’s flying fist drop from the top rope always looks like nothing because he lands on his feet.

-RICK RUDE is the 6th wrestler eliminated at 28:46 by Jake Roberts after Rude gets cocky and eats a DDT.

-Andre immediately enters and chokes and bites Jake with great vengeance (and furious anger…) ANDRE THE GIANT is the 7th wrestler eliminated at 29:37 by DQ when he won’t break the chokehold. Jake legitimately looks blue.

-JAKE ROBERTS is the 8th wrestler eliminated when Mr. Perfect cleans up Andre’s scraps.


WINNERS: Dino Bravo and Mr. Perfect survive in 30:03

-Jake recovers on the floor while the heels celebrate. He throws Damien into the ring, threatening Andre. The Giant bolts with a hilarious face and the most speed I’ve ever seen from him. Andre makes a good case at MVP of the PPV as well. Jake celebrates as Andre’s choke is replayed.

FINAL WORD: While it was boring at times, this was better than the first match because it had more peaks and valleys, better work rate overall and allowed the good wrestlers to handle the heavy lifting for the most part.


-Mean Gene interviews the Twin Towers’ team. Heenan got backstage quick! Slick botches the word exactly. DiBiase cuts a promo on Hercules and Akeem’s jive is cool, but still offensive. The Rooster asks permission to talk while Haku utters one line. The Boss Man wraps the promo up and his head almost explodes.

Survivor88-Akeem-Jive Soul Bro leads the heels to the ring. God, Akeem’s dancing is so ridiculous and hilarious. I can’t stop talking about it. DiBiase walks like he should be champion for real.

-Savage’s music hits to a big pop and he enters first because Hogan is an egomaniac. The rest of the team follows Macho and Jesse talks about Koko’s hair and I noticed that Koko has “WWF” on his tights, but it is blurred. Hulk walks out to Real American. So, Hogan IS Cena and Savage IS Punk. Ha!


MATCH NUMBER FOUR: SURVIVOR SERIES ELIMINATION MATCH- The Twin Towers, Ted DiBiase, King Haku and The Red Rooster w/Slick, Virgil and Bobby Heenan vs The MegaPowers, Hillbilly Jim, Hercules and Koko B. Ware w/Miss Elizabeth

-Macho and DiBiase start the match while Jesse talks about the benefits of slavery.

-DiBiase can’t run away from Hercules fast enough.

-Rooster goes for the Sharpshooter and the commentators talk about his status as a novice wrestler. God, that is almost as stupid as being an actual rooster.

-Hogan hits his Japanese finisher, the Axe Bomber, on Haku. He rakes Haku’s eyes with his feet and Jesse calls him out for cheating again.

-Hillbilly Jim should be brought back with the Wyatt Family.

-Why is Koko’s head so hard in kayfabe? Why is his finisher called The Ghostbuster? Why isn’t it Back to the Future or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?

-RED ROOSTER is the 1st wrestler eliminated at 6:11 after being beaten by everyone and Randy Savage pins him with a flying elbow drop. The heels retreat and the crowd responds in kind.

-Heenan sells anger over Rooster’s failure and says he “should never be in the business”. Now I feel bad for Terry Taylor.

-Hercules busts out some dance steps before hitting Haku with an elbow. Ummmm….

-HILLBILLY JIM is the 2nd wrestler eliminated at 9:54 by Akeem after a decent back and forth and a 747 splash.

-Akeem’s outfit needs a touch up by Sandra.

-Akeem won’t leave his feet as everyone punches away. Koko makes a mistake and pays for it. KOKO B. WARE is the 3rd wrestler eliminated at 11:46 after a blind tag and a Boss Man slam.

-Hulk and Boss Man face off. Hulk hits an impressive Atomic Drop, then bites and slams Boss as Jesse adds 100 pounds to Ray Traylor.

-Boss Man catches Hulk with a nice bearhug slam. Hulk taking the heat and bumping around is good to see.

-Hogan recovers against DiBiase and tags Hercules in. Herc is a house of fire until Virgil trips him. HERCULES is the 4th wrestler eliminated at 16:35 by Ted DiBiase via roll up.

-Hercules punches Virgil on the floor, distracting DiBiase. TED DIBIASE is the 5th wrestler eliminated at 16:58 by Randy Savage via roll up.

-Haku doesn’t get all of the thrust kick he throws at Hogan. If he did, all of Hogan’s remaining hair would be gone.

-Jesse is running out of police terms.

-Hogan takes the heat for the second time. It is weird that Macho hasn’t yet. Haku puts on a nerve hold that gives the crowd time to bring Hulk back.

-Boss Man hits his finish on Hogan and celebrates instead of going for a cover. Slick yells at him, but Boss Man climbs to the top rope, missing a big splash. Savage gets in and hits everything. Slick stops him with a cane shot from the floor.

-Slick gets in Liz’s face and grabs her arm. What a fucking dick. Hogan decks him in the aisle and the Towers chase him down and hit him. Earl Hebner counts in the ring while Hogan is handcuffed to the bottom rope. BIG BOSS MAN is the 6th wrestler eliminated at 23:33 via countout. Haku keeps Macho Man preoccupied in the ring.

-Boss Man beats Hogan with his nightstick on the floor while his shirt is open and weird looking. Chaos continues and Macho Man is now feeling the nightstick. Akeem pushes the ref down while Haku attacks Hogan on the floor. AKEEM is the 7th wrestler eliminated at 25:03 via DQ. He hits the 747 on Savage. This is insanity. It is good, but the heels look stupid leaving their partner alone despite all of the damage done.

-Haku keeps working on Savage while Slick teases Hogan with the handcuff keys. Macho tries to make a tag, but Hulk isn’t there. Slick holds Savage and Haku misses the kick. Hulk hits Heenan and Liz goes into Slick’s pocket to get the keys for the handcuff. She finally did something physical!

-Haku hits a big splash from the top rope and Savage barely kicks out.

-Macho falls into the tag and Hogan immediately launches into his routine. That naturally means that HAKU is the 8th wrestler eliminated by a legdrop.


WINNERS: The MegaPowers survive in 29:11

FINAL WORD: An overbooked match that needed the overbooking to make it stand out. That sounds confusing, but it is a compliment.


-Savage sells his beating after the match while Hogan poses and seems to not care. More of that slow burn follows when Liz tries to help Macho, but Hulk grabs her in a hug. He wants that funky butt loving. God…SAVAGE’S FACE IS PRICELESS. This is the most foreboding thing ever. It is great to watch it play out. There is no official sign off. The show just ends.Survivor88-Powers

THE FINAL IMAGE: Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth with their hands raised in victory.




FINAL MVP of PPV: It takes a true talent to stand out in a crowd and Tully Blanchard did that. Sure, others did more, but they were given the bigger platform to do it.

FINAL LVP of PPV: It wasn’t because of his eye that Hacksaw Jim Duggan finally made it here.

MY FAVORITE MATCH: The Powers of Pain’s Team vs Demolition’s Team

MY LEAST FAVORITE MATCH: The Ultimate Warrior’s Team vs Honky Tonk Man’s Team

WWE HALL OF FAMERS IN ACTION: 16 (Ultimate Warrior, Greg Valentine, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Nikolai Volkoff, Andre the Giant, Mr. Perfect, Harley Race, Jim Duggan, Jake Roberts, Tito Santana, Hulk Hogan, Koko B. Ware, Ted DiBiase)

DEARLY DEPARTED IN ACTION: 11 (Ultimate Warrior, Blue Blazer, Bad News Brown, Davey Boy Smith, Andre the Giant, Rick Rude, Dino Bravo, Mr. Perfect, Randy Savage, Hercules, Big Boss Man)

FINAL THOUGHT: This show wasn’t as good as Survivor Series 1987 from an in-ring standpoint and it doesn’t top it for me, but it might have been an overall more fluid show. Great stories were told, the match formula varied and the show felt unique. MULLET RECOMMENDS

NEXT TIME: Starrcade 1988: True Gritt. That isn’t a typo. I hope it isn’t a bunch of shitt.

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