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Kayfabe Rankings 7/31/14

02 Aug

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 Kayfabe Rankings (Through 7/31/14)


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Bottom 5:

25) Sin Cara

26) R-Truth

27) Fandango

28) Damien Sandow

29) Titus O'Neil



  • Biggest Winner(s)! - Jack Swagger (#22; tied for highest jump this week) jumps on the Cesaro (#7) win-ladder and is no longer in the bottom 5.  On a similar note, Alberto Del Rio (#14; tied for highest jump this week) wrestled 3 times for a total of two wins.  Also, I literally just remembered they were in a Wrestlemania World Title Match together...
  • Biggest Loser! - Bo Dallas (#4) epic streak was stopped not by the mighty Kevin Nash, not by the beast Brock Lesnar but by the guy who rapped in WWF, then went to TNA and rapped, then came back to WWE and rapped, then he smoked, then he went crazy, then had no music, LOLAWESOMETRUTH, then something about spiders, then an invisible friend and then Kofi and then he rapped.  <---- THAT somehow made more sense than R-Truth (#26) beating Bo Dallas this week
  • In the weekly "Who Did Kevin Dunn Find Fucking His Wife' rankings, Cesaro (#7) extends his losing streak in 1on1 matches to 7, Fandango (#28) loses to Diego (N/A; worse than El Torito, in my opinion) and Dolph Ziggler (#19) probably did something.
  • Since Wrestlemania XXX, Roman Reigns (N/A) has had more No Contests (3) than Pins (2) in 1on1 matches.
  • John Cena (#10) is 4-1 in decision matches this season and is 4-0 when creepy ass little kids don't sing songs as he tries to escape a cage
  • SANDOW (#28) STILL ISN'T LAST!!!!!!!!!

*Note: A win is roughly +3 points to your KPI while a loss is roughly -2 points.




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