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PPV Diary Entry 10: Survivor Series 1987

06 Jul

Survivor87-TopI’ve said it on multiple occasions on the podcast and in some of the other articles I’ve written for this website, but I’ve been a wrestling fan since birth. My sister was a child of the Rock N Wrestling era and I was born into a world surrounded by Hulk Hogan and everyone else.

Many of my early memories revolve around wrestling. For instance, the earliest picture I recall taking has Rick Rude and Koko B. Ware LJN figures on the floor. In this project’s case, we have the reached the point I’ve been waiting for.

I’ve seen other PPVs we’ve already passed before, but that was in my adult life. Survivor Series 1987 was the VHS tape I watched the most as a kid. I played it constantly. That said, it’s been at least 20 years since I’ve watched it.

Was I an idiot as a child wrestling fan (like most child wrestling fans are)?

(Editor’s Note: I went with this show first instead of Starrcade 1987 on the same day because I was more excited to watch it. That’s how I will treat every one of those cases.)



Written on 7/6/14

THE FIRST THING YOU SEE: We are LIVE in the sorely missed Richfield Coliseum (that I only visited once) and the crowd is on fire. The Fink announces Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura to a tremendous ovation. Jesse is wearing a pilgrim hat and jaws with someone in the crowd before putting his headset on. Gorilla talks about eating all the yummy Thanksgiving food and Jesse complains about spending the holiday in Cleveland. They cue the intro video.

-God DAMN I love this intro. It’s the same as I remember it: cool music, action shots and finishers of tons of wrestlers and the Survivor Series title appears. Let’s fucking do this!

-Gorilla and Jesse have mic troubles live. They eventually settle in and set the stage for the four matches on the show. Jesse has a Coke in front of him and Gorilla has something mysterious in a clear, plastic cup. Gorilla almost forgets the main event before Jesse, wearing his favorite snakeskin jacket, reminds him.

-Considering this is the first Survivor Series, I’m glad they show the “Ways of Elimination” on the screen. Besides the normal four ways to lose a match, “the referee’s discretion pertaining to injury” is also listed.

-UGH, Craig DeGeorge is backstage with the Honky Tonk Man’s team. It is a loud mess. Honky cuts a promo while they show his guitar attack on Macho Man. Honky then threatens to Shake, Rattle and Roll Elizabeth. He manages to say every person’s name involved on both sides (managers included), which is a crappy way to cut a promo.

-Harley Race is out first to his royal theme alongside Bobby Heenan. Hercules follows to the same song and the crowd is booing LOUDLY. Danny Davis is shown while Fink announces Ron Bass, who is already on the ring apron. Captain Honky (which is something entirely different) enters to Cool, Cocky and Bad. He dances and acts like a general ass.

-Mean Gene handles the babyface team interview (thankfully). Ricky Steamboat does his karate crap, Jim Duggan looks doofy and Jake Roberts is talking toSurvivor87-Duggan Brutus Beefcake, who is just showing crazy eyes. Speaking of which…HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN’S EYE!!! It is so bad in this instance, I have to make it the LVP of the PPV thus far. Randy Savage enters and manages to make sense of everything going on. Essentially, he’s coming for Honky Tonk Man.

-Steamboat’s dubbed theme plays and he enters first. It looks like he is wearing child pajamas. Beefcake follows in his stupid yellow and black gear. It sucks that Fink had to redo these introductions. Jake enters and Duggan is too close, man!!! You’re too close!!! (That’s going to be a challenge. As opposed to trying three references from famous movies, I’m going to try and make references only to the Making the Band sketch from Chappelle’s Show).

-Macho Man’s theme plays and the crowd blows the roof off of the place. I notice the great look of the Survivor Series banner in the rafters. Purple and red somehow works together.


MATCH NUMBER ONE: SURVIVOR SERIES ELIMINATION MATCH-The Honky Tonk Man, Harley Race, Hercules, Danny Davis and Ron Bass w/Bobby Heenan and Jimmy Hart vs Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Brutus Beefcake, Jake Roberts and Jim Duggan w/Miss Elizabeth

-Beefcake and Hercules start because you have to get this concept off to a roaring start.

-Beefcake cuts and struts. His work already looks worse as a babyface.

-Beefcake slaps the sleeper on early and it is followed by a unique spot where Brutus hip tosses Herc, Davis and Race back to back to back. Strahan’s were better.

-Jake is wearing all purple tights. DDT chants are huge and the faces work together beautifully, kicking Davis’ ass.

-Race tags in and awkwardly hits a shoulderbreaker on Steamboat. These two legends’ chemistry would fail in Walter White’s class.

-Steamboat skins the cat twice in a row. Harley Race probably did the real thing twice in a row in real life.

-Race’s belly to belly suplex (essentially his finisher) only gets a two count on Steamboat. Ricky tags in Duggan soon after and a brawl with Race ensues.

-JIM DUGGAN AND HARLEY RACE are the 1st and 2nd wrestlers eliminated at 4:32 via double DQ. The other eight wrestlers come out to separate. Duggan keeps calling Race a son of a bitch. What an easy night of work for Hacksaw.

-The pacing of the tags is very fast, particularly with Savage. Once again, he earns my MVP of the PPV right now.

-Honky tags in as soon as Savage is compromised. Good heel.

-Ron Bass doesn’t seem like he wants to bump.

-RON BASS is the 3rd wrestler eliminated at 7:00 by Brutus Beefcake with a running knee. Hercules hits Bass with an accidental elbow drop just to rub it in afterwards.

-The referee looks like the creepy guy that lives in your neighborhood.

-Man, seeing the whole crowd clap encouragement is great. It is for Beefcake, of all people.

-Macho randomly stands on another turnbuckle to root Beefcake on and then threatens to kick Dave Hebner on the floor.

-Beefcake recovers, but doesn’t make a tag. Gorilla and Jesse immediate point that out and it ends up being prophetic. BRUTUS BEEFCAKE is the 4th wrestler eliminated at 10:51 by Honky Tonk Man after a Shake, Rattle and Roll.

-After one match, the pace of this match and psychology has been figured out. This feels good.

-The terror Honky Tonk Man sells avoiding the DDT is great.

-Jesse says “what Honky lacks in ability, he makes up for in luck.” Is that a shoot comment?

-Every wrestler had a standing punch combination. Even Hercules.

-Jake Roberts has been the best in this match at getting beat down as a babyface. He yells at Danny Davis to hit him harder and then explodes with a short-arm clothesline. You know what’s next. DANNY DAVIS is the 5th wrestler eliminated at 15:10 by Jake Roberts after a DDT that pops the crowd huge.

-Dave Hebner needs to chill out.

-It took 17 minutes to get a rest hold. Impressive.

-The hot tag teases are great. Hearing the crowd become deflated is awesome.

-A lot of people in Richfield can whistle.

-Jake finally tags in Steamboat, who chops everyone in sight and then taunts Honky with a dance of his own. PERSONALITY!!!

-After Steamboat does the work on Hercules, Macho Man tags in and finishes the job. HERCULES is the 6th wrestler eliminated at 21:03 by Randy Savage after a flying elbow drop.

-Macho Man gets the jump on Honky Tonk, punching him like crazy, but missing a move in the corner. Despite a 3 on 1 disadvantage, Honky takes control right now.

-It is interesting to see a 3 to 1 babyface advantage. Honky deserved it, though, particularly against his WrestleMania 3 opponent, the man he beat for the IC Title and his current rival.

-Savage atomic drops Honky over the top rope. It looks like it is bail time. Crowd boos heavily. HONKY TONK MAN is the 7th wrestler eliminated via count out.


WINNERS: Randy Savage, Jake Roberts and Ricky Steamboat survive in 23:40

-The faces celebrate. Jake just chills with his snake. Jesse and Gorilla argue the benefit of Honky leaving and saving face.

FINAL WORD: A pretty solid start for the Survivor Series concept. The crowd loved it and the big spots were great. Cheerio.


Survivor87-Craig-Craig DeGeorge, who is the current LVP of the PPV just by annoying me, interviews the main event heels backstage. Heenan talks about the “three count” Andre got at WrestleMania 3. Slick briefly talks, sadly. Heenan takes back over and calls Hogan a 300 pound turkey. Andre decides to talk, telling everyone to shut up. They immediately do so. He threatens to come for Hulk Hogan’s soul. I believe him.

-Gorilla quickly warns about reproducing this event and ten girls are already in the ring. Jesus, Jimmy Hart managed women, too. Judy Martin and Leilani Kai, the Glamour Girls, are his charges and the Womens’ Tag Champs. They are joined by a totally different Dawn Marie, Donna Christanello who is late for her shift at IHOP and Sensational Sherri. Sherri is the captain of the team, the Womens’ Champion and resembling a Batman villain.

-The faces are introduced now. Velvet McIntyre gets a decent pop. Rockin Robin is dressed like an extra in Working Girl. The Jumping Bomb Angels are synchronized in their turn towards the crowd. Fabulous Moolah is the captain and gets booed by the crowd. Jesse and Gorilla discuss her announced weight, then move on to discuss Jesse’s role in Running Man.


MATCH NUMBER TWO: SURVIVOR SERIES ELIMINATION MATCH- Sensational Sherri, The Glamour Girls, Dawn Marie and Donna Christanello w/Jimmy Hart vs Fabulous Moolah, Velvet McIntyre, Rockin Robin and The Jumping Bomb Angels

-It’s good to see Velvet McIntyre wrestle more than ten seconds.

-The crowd is still booing Moolah, presumably because she isn’t very exciting.

-This resembles a modern multi-Divas tag match so far, but without the pins. At this rate now, this match would be close to wrapping up.

-DONNA CHRISTANELLO is the 1st wrestler eliminated at 1:57 by Velvet McIntyre with a victory roll. I spoke too soon.

-Velvet is on fire! Good headscissors a la Lita out of the corner.

-Dawn Marie is pretty sloppy. Her in-ring work isn’t very good, either.

-Rockin Robin keeps blowing…spots. #MoreMisognyJokes

-Every dropkick looks like the drizzling shits.


-DAWN MARIE is the 2nd wrestler eliminated at 4:10 by Rockin Robin with a cross body block.

-Itsuki of the Jumping Bomb Angels has been very impressive with a bridge out of a pin attempt, crazy knees, pin combinations and loud ass screaming.

-The other Angel, whose name Gorilla hasn’t said yet, hits a flying arm drag and a butterfly suplex. The crowd keeps oohing at their moves like we are in Japan.

-Rockin Robin and Sam Houston are definitely related.

-I just noticed Jimmy Korderas with hair!!!

-ROCKING ROBIN is the 3rd wrestler eliminated at 6:51 by Sensational Sherri with a suplex.

-Gorilla is calling both Angels “Itsuki”.

-Velvet busts out a move I’ve never seen before: a spinning cross body.

-Velvet also busts out a one legged monkey flip. That sounds so racist.

-Why is Moolah still wrestling? She has to be the LVP of the PPV right now. She shows no rhythm or technical prowess.

-Jesse brings up a really good idea for a 1980s female wrestler: shave your head so your hair doesn’t get pulled. Molly Holly and Serena missed the boat.

-The Glamour Girls are solid.

-Moolah looks super late to the sale at Belk.

-FABULOUS MOOLAH is the 4th wrestler eliminated at 10:53 by Judy Martin after a double clothesline by both Glamour Girls. Good riddance.

-Velvet looks like she is about to apply the Liontamer, but settles for a normal Boston Crab. Meanwhile, Sherri is just as grating on the ring apron as she is as a manager.

-I keep hearing cords moving and static. 1980s WWF tech problems sound like early Podwoggle podcast tech problems.

-A dangerous looking suplex/DDT by Sherri on Velvet lets me know I’m still watching a women’s wrestling match.

-Timekeeper botch! One of the Angels bridges out of a pin at two, but the bell ringer screws up. Korderas clears it up quickly.

-Velvet McIntyre is the QUEEN of SWING! She only gets a couple revolutions, but it still draws a decent pop.

-SENSATIONAL SHERRI is the 5th wrestler eliminated at 14:55 by Velvet McIntyre after a roll up.

-The butterfly suplex is a 1980s Diva dream move.

-The Jumping Bomb Angels are the new MVP of the PPV. The crowd really dig their unique shit.

-VELVET MCINTYRE is the 6th wrestler eliminated at 17:21 by Leilani Kai after an electric chair drop. I wasn’t expecting that.

-The Angels hit a nice double team move: one slingshots Kai into the other Angel splashing her.

-Kai hits hard on a missed second rope splash.

-LEILANI KAI is the 7th wrestler eliminated at 18:36 by one of the Bomb Angels after a top rope cross body.

-So many bodyslams!!!

-The biggest pop of the match thus far: Jimmy Hart taking a dropkick on the ring apron. His bumps off of the apron are dumb.

-Second rope clothesline. I’m surprised Gorilla didn’t call “Banzai!”

-JUDY MARTIN is the 8th wrestler eliminated after a second rope clothesline.



WINNERS: The Jumping Bomb Angels survive in 20:15

-The Angels bow towards every side of the ring while their cool music, while intact, is barely audible in the back.

FINAL WORD: It wasn’t pretty at times, but it was better than what we have been subjected to for a long time.


-Good lord, the heel tag teams are all together for one interview. So many guys, so it’s a good thing that Heenan handles the promo until Jim Neidhart takes over and says nothing of worth. Jimmy Hart runs in, changing coats and complaining about the last match’s result. Heenan cues the Bolsheviks in the ring.

-Hooray, now there are two Nikolai Volkoffs. I miss Sheiky Baby already. Jesse stands for the Russian anthem.

-Demolition’s theme plays and the crowd pops, which surprises me. Their theme continues as Johnny V leads the Dream Team, now with 100% more Dino Bravo, to the ring. Heenan accompanies Haku and Tama and the captains, the Hart Foundation, follow. They still walk out to Demolition’s theme.

-Mean Gene is backstage with the babyface teams. Strike Force’s headbands make me think of Billy and Chuck. Tito Santana and Rick Martel cut two white bread promos, which isn’t good considering they are Mexican and Canadian.

-The British Bulldog’s theme plays to lead Davey and Dynamite out with Matilda. The Young Stallions and the Fabulous Rougeaus follow and the Stallions sadly get the better reaction. The Killer Bees exist, but never mind that shit! GIRLS IN MOTHERFUCKING CARS!!!! The champs and captains enter and I just now realized that they have 10 full blown teams for this. If this were today, Los Matadores would almost be captains.

-The lighting in the building appears to have changed. It’s almost like the show is outdoors now.


MATCH NUMBER THREE: SURVIVOR SERIES ELIMINATION MATCH- The Hart Foundation, The Bolsheviks, Demolition, The Dream Team and The Islanders w/Jimmy Hart, Slick, Mr. Fuji, Johnny V and Bobby Heenan vs Strike Force, British Bulldogs, Young Stallions, The Fabulous Rougeaus and The Killer Bees

-I love that every heel team has a manager.

-Yay! Nikolai Volkoff starts the match!

-There is almost not enough room on the apron for everyone. There has to be a gap between guys standing so people can run the ropes.

-THE BOLSHEVIKS are the 1st team eliminated at 1:43 when Tito Santana pins Boris Zhukov after a flying forearm. There is a wrestling God.

-Four straight tags and wristlocks on Dino Bravo. He probably deserves it.

-When did Smash/Krusher Khruschev make the jump? He had a weird year.

-Haku versus Dynamite Kid. I’m scared for everyone’s safety.

-Only one Horsemen is in this match. His name is Paul Roma.

-There have been more tags in five minutes than I could ever imagine. This feels like it is being wrestled under Dragon Gate rules.

-Tama is very fluid. He is Uso-like. Granted, he is their uncle.

-Jacques Rougeau wrestles like a natural babyface.

-THE FABULOUS ROUGEAUS are the 2nd team eliminated at 5:48 when Ax pins Jacques Rougeau after Jacques misses a second rope cross body. Raymond didn’t even tag in.

-Jesse covers up botches and little screw ups so well.

-Jim Powers unbelievably kicks out of a Haku and Jim Neidhart double team.

-Dino Bravo sloppily hits a gutwrench and a legdrop. He might be a little too muscular.

-DEMOLITION is the 3rd team eliminated at 9:11 by DQ when Smash beats down Dynamite Kid on the apron and throws the referee down.

-OH GOD!!! Bret Hart hits a piledriver on Dynamite Kid and it somehow is only a two count. Every piledriver should result in a three.

-Martel’s Boston Crab is just a simple transition move.

-STRIKE FORCE is the 4th team eliminated at 12:04 when Jim Neidhart pins Tito Santana after Bret Hart hits a flying elbow on Tito while pinning Neidhart.

-I’m loving that the Young Stallions are the ones that are getting the crap kicked out of them. I’m salivating for their elimination already.

-Jim Powers just isn’t interesting. He keeps getting double teamed and seemingly no sells it. Now, he just accidentally tagged Roma in during an extended beat down sequence. He is the new LVP of the PPV.

-A rare top rope axe handle by Greg Valentine.

-Bret…stop that chest bump into the turnbuckle. You’re going to regret it.

-B. Brian Blair is sweating profusely. He has barely been in the ring.

-Stop tagging Jim Powers in!!! It kills the crowd every time.

-Davey versus Bret wakes the crowd up. It takes an overhead gorilla press and Davey’s running powerslam to do it.

-Dynamite Kid’s second rope headbutt has zero effect on Haku.

-THE BRITISH BULLDOGS are the 5th team eliminated at 19:58 when Haku pins Dynamite Kid after a reverse thrust kick. This match has weird booking.

-I’m begging for Brunzell or Blair to get into this thing. I’m enduring another Powers beat down.

-Jesse puts over Stu Hart on commentary. That was out of nowhere.

-Powers trades blows with Valentine and the crowd does nothing.

-THE DREAM TEAM are the 6th team eliminated at 23:39 when Paul Roma pins Greg Valentine after a top rope sunset flip.

-The crowd starts to get on Heenan’s case with Weasel chants.

-I want to see more of Tama. He exudes athleticism and charisma.

-Paul Roma is leaps and bounds better than Jim Powers. That said, Paul Roma totally sucks.Survivor87-Stallions

EDITOR'S NOTE: I didn't mean for this picture to be this big, but it fits because it shows how stupid these two are.

-The referee’s shirt is partially untucked. We are approaching the 30 minute mark.

-Funny moment: Haku hits a dropkick that Jesse compliments. Neidhart tags in and Gorilla jokes that he would like to see Jim try that. Neidhart’s first move is a dropkick and Gorilla laughs for getting shown up.

-THE HART FOUNDATION are the 7th team eliminated at 30:28 when Jim Brunzell pins Bret Hart after Tama dropkick Bret into Brunzell and Brunzell rolls through with a pin.

-The Islanders are left alone, which means the Weasel chants get louder.

-Haku has a big scar or mark on his arm. However it happened, everyone else involved is dead.

-It is amazing how much Brunzell and Powers sustain during this match.

-Powers tags in and acts like a wrestler being a babyface in his first match. The crowd reacts accordingly.

-Tama is barely sweating. He is the new MVP of the PPV. I love the Angels, but Tama’s huge missed elbow drop may be the greatest amount of height I’ve ever seen on that move.

-Samoan psychology: if two Samoans’ heads collide, it hurts.

-THE ISLANDERS are the 8th team eliminated after B. Brian Blair pins Tama following Masked Confusion and a sunset flip.


WINNERS: The Young Stallions and the Killer Bees survive in 37:16

-Brunzell, selling death, appears with his mask on as well. Jesse flips out and complains about the trickery. The replay shown breaks down how everything transpired.

FINAL WORD: It was long in the tooth, but enjoyable. The big complaint I have is who went over and why I had to watch a 37 minute Jim Powers match.


-Jesse and Gorilla set up Million Dollar Man vignettes. Ted DiBiase, in a limo, talks about not wrestling on the PPV and being smart enough to avoid the Survivor Series. He says he is thankful for what people will do for money.

-We cut to a kid trying to do push-ups for $300. He fails before the tenth one. Holy shit, Virgil’s arms!!!!

-Now we see Sean sucking his thumb as DiBiase tells him to dribble the famous basketball 15 times. Based on the name, he is either Shawn Kemp or one of Kemp’s kids. He almost botches before DiBiase kicks the ball away like a badass. I imagine DiBiase takes a dump in the back of a movie theater and waits for someone to sit in it…hear a squish. He’s got that kind of time. (I’m not going to lie; I almost forgot.)

-DiBiase continues his promo in his house and my jaw drops over Virgil’s guns again. We see DiBiase making a woman bark like a dog for money. Cue Dennis Quaid…REWIND THAT!!! IS THAT LINDA MCMAHON?!?!?! WOW!!!! IT IS!!!! Even her dog barking is monotone.


-RVD kisses DiBiase’s feet and Ted is served his dinner while he continues the promo. He still didn’t have the character down completely. His best vignettes are essentially being shown, as the pool scene plays now. The pool manager is a dick. Why didn’t DiBiase just build his own pool? Virgil’s first line is yelling at brats.

-DiBiase is now driving in a fancy car and fur coat. He wraps up his promo and Gorilla and Jesse are shown, naturally split on their thoughts of the Million Dollar Man. They recap the show, particularly Honky’s exit in the first match. They are able to effectively kill time without being repetitive.

-Jesse Ventura is definitely the new MVP of the PPV for strongly putting over everything that needs to be put over. He makes so much sense and adds a ton to the show, especially his complaints about Cleveland. He also hilariously says the Bees’ chicanery is “totally ridiculous” while wearing a pilgrim hat on top of his headset.

-DeGeorge is on the classic mini-stage and introduces Jimmy Hart and the Honky Tonk Man. Honky gets big heat as he claims he was the real Survivor for taking three guys on at once. He manages to challenge Hogan and trash talk Savage in one promo. Really, the “greatest IC Champ of all time” line is all Honky has.

-There is nothing like seeing King Kong Bundy walk to the ring to Rick Rude’s theme. Rude and Heenan are there as well and Rude’s tights are cool as hell, comprised of multiple road signs. The song switches to Jive Soul Bro and Slick, Butch Reed and One Man Gang enter. Heenan personally introduces Andre without music. Andre is billed at an exaggerated 526 pounds and 7”5.

-Mean Gene interviews Hulk Hogan’s team. How are Paul Orndorff and Don Muraco babyfaces? Where did Bam Bam Bigelow come from? Who bailed Ken Patera out? Hogan talks about hunger and the food chain. His bandana has little tassels on the front of it, so they are right in his eyes. Bam Bam’s outfit SPITS HOT FIRE (like the five greatest rappers of all time). Everyone says their peace and Hogan does weird stuff before basically assaulting Bam Bam on exit.

-Bam Bam enters to his theme with Oliver Humperdink. Patera walks to the ring wearing a weird arm brace. Muraco, who is announced as a replacement for Billy Graham, is ready in his generic sweatshirt. Orndorff gets a good pop and the build-up for Hogan’s theme begins.

-Real American hits and Hogan enters to his usual thunderous pop. He carries the American flag, then rips his shirt off and teases slamming Andre again. Andre jaws with Hogan as the Hulkster taunts everyone. Gorilla points out that Joey Marella, who refereed the WrestleMania 3 main event, is refereeing this match. Jesse badmouths Marella to Gorilla. Funny considering Gorilla is Joey’s dad.


MATCH NUMBER FOUR: SURVIVOR SERIES ELIMINATION MATCH- Andre the Giant, King Kong Bundy, Rick Rude, Butch Reed and One Man Gang w/Bobby Heenan and Slick vs Hulk Hogan, Bam Bam Bigelow, Ken Patera, Don Muraco and Paul Orndorff w/Oliver Humperdink

-Muraco and Rude start. Rude takes a beating early from the Rock as well as Orndorff and Hogan.

-Bam Bam drops a huge running headbutt followed by an overhead slam. Patera joins in and screws it all up, knocking Rude into the corner, letting Reed tag in.Survivor87-Rude

-I’m tempted to make Butch Reed the new MVP because he was the one that injured Billy Graham, preventing him from wrestling.

-BUTCH REED is the 1st wrestler eliminated in 3:07 by Hulk Hogan after a legdrop. Andre immediately comes in and the crowd stirs. Hogan doesn’t know Andre is in, accidentally tags Patera and then turns around. The ref forces Hogan out and Andre immediately leaves, tagging Bundy in.

-Orndorff shows great babyface fire against the Gang.

-Rude is bouncing up and down like a sunset that make up its mind.

-Even Patera and Muraco are showing up so far. The Gang has been impressive. The crowd is hot. I’m digging it.

-Big “Andre Sucks” chant just for the Giant standing on the apron. I feel bad.

-KEN PATERA is the 2nd wrestler eliminated in 8:46 by One Man Gang after Patera’s clothesline is overpowered by one of Gang’s.

-The crowd freaking loves Bam Bam. Hogan gives him a good rub by doing a double big boot.

-This is outpacing the first match somehow. Rude has gotten zero offense, which Jesse points out.

-PAUL ORNDORFF is the 3rd wrestler eliminated in 10:25 by Rick Rude after King Kong Bundy distracts Paul and Rude rolls him up with a handful of tights.

-Hogan hits the Harley Race/HHH running knee. He’s a bucket of surprises.

-RICK RUDE is the 4th wrestler eliminated in 11:13 by Don Muraco after a powerslam.

-Muraco fails to slam Gang, who falls on Don for a nearfall. That is impressive to pull off in this type of match.

-DON MURACO is the 5th wrestler eliminated in 12:56 by One Man Gang after Andre gets a cheap shot in and a 747 splash.

-An effortless sunset flip by Bam Bam which is closely followed by doing a 360 after a Bundy clothesline. The man was so ahead of his time.

-Bam Bam does a full flip on a Bundy knee to the stomach. I’m getting torn between Bam Bam and Jesse on MVP.

-Sixteen minutes in, Andre finally tags in. He misses Bam Bam, who tags Hogan in and the crowd explodes. They trade blows, chokes and chops. They sell their hatred very well.

-Bundy pulls Hogan out of the ring. Chaos is erupting. Hogan slams Gang on the floor. Bundy is slammed on the floor.

-HULK HOGAN is the 6th wrestler eliminated in 18:14 by countout. Finkel announces that Hogan has to leave or Andre’s team will automatically win. Hogan stomps away like a petulant child.

-Bam Bam gears up for an uphill battle and the crowd is massively behind him.

-Bundy is a lazy kick out guy. Twice in a row, he gets out like rolling out of bed.

-KING KONG BUNDY is the 7th wrestler eliminated in 20:48 by Bam Bam Bigelow after a slingshot splash. Yeah, that move makes Bigelow MVP of the PPV.

-I can’t believe the workrate of Bam Bam Bigelow versus One Man Gang right now.

-As soon as I write that, the action immediately begins to crawl.

-Dated reference in the commentary: Jesse and Gorilla says Bam Bam must be 50 to 1 to win this and Jesse comments that the Minnesota Twins were 100 to 1.

-ONE MAN GANG is the 8th wrestler eliminated in 23:09 by Bam Bam Bigelow after a missed top rope splash.

-Andre makes Bam Bam look so tiny. The crowd is starting to believe Bam Bam can do this.

-Bigelow keeps rolling around to escape Andre. He makes one mistake and gets shouldered in the corner.

-BAM BAM BIGELOW is the 9th wrestler eliminated after a double underhook suplex.


WINNER: Andre the Giant survives in 24:25

-Hogan, the sore sport babyface, runs in and hits Andre with the title belt. Andre is run off and Hogan’s theme plays so he can pose. Heenan yells that Andre will get back in if Hogan signs a contract to put the title on the line.

FINAL WORD: I think the stars aligned on this day to allow these ten men to put on such an enjoyable match. Classic WWF style main event.



-The heels celebrate in the aisle while Hogan does his dancing. Jesse hits the nail on the head, calling Hogan an egomaniac. Gorilla doesn’t hit the nail on the head, calling Hogan “the greatest athlete in sports.” Jesse threatens to unretire again to beat Hogan.

-JESSE VENTURA IS THE MVP OF THE PPV AND LOCK IT IN!!! Direct quote: “Only in Cleveland would you hear people cheer for the loser.” This is one of the greatest commentating performances I’ve ever heard.

-Mean Gene is backstage with Heenan and Andre, who are both smiling. Heenan cuts another great promo and Andre adds his ominous two cents before they wrap up.

-Hogan is still posing. Real American has started over twice. We see Gorilla and Jesse at the booth and Jesse manages another Hogan diss. Stills are shown recapping the event while Real American still plays in the background.

THE LAST IMAGE: Hulk Hogan, the loser of the main event, flexing with the Survivor Series logo.




FINAL MVP of PPV: Absolutely Jesse Ventura. Bobby Heenan’s work at the 1992 Rumble is regarded by many, myself included, as the greatest performance ever. Jesse might be number two from this show.

FINAL LVP of PPV: I really hope I never have to watch that much Jim Powers ever again.

MY FAVORITE MATCH: Hulk Hogan’s Team vs Andre the Giant’s Team

MY LEAST FAVORITE MATCH: Fabulous Moolah’s Team vs Sensational Sherri’s Team

WWE HALL OF FAMERS IN ACTION: 14 (Jake Roberts, Ricky Steamboat, Jim Duggan, Harley Race, Fabulous Moolah, Sensational Sherri, Tito Santana, Bret Hart, Nikolai Volkoff, Greg Valentine, Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Paul Orndorff, Don Muraco)

DEARLY DEPARTED IN ACTION: 10 (Randy Savage, Hercules, Fabulous Moolah, Sensational Sherri, Donna Christanello, Davey Boy Smith, Dino Bravo, Andre the Giant, Rick Rude, Bam Bam Bigelow)

FINAL THOUGHT: My child subconscious knew what was up. This show was an absolute blast. Great action, a terrific crowd and solid storyline progression and set-up make this a wonderful start to a PPV tradition. MULLET RECOMMENDS

NEXT TIME: Meanwhile in Chicago…Starrcade ventures out of the South. Vince might contact me before I watch it and threaten me with severe repercussions like cable providers on Thanksgiving ’87.

Chris Mullet

Chris Mullet

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