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Kayfabe Rankings 7/3/14

05 Jul

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Welcome back to another edition of the Kayfabe Rankings (we made it to 2 weeks!).  We are fresh off the one week per month where we really see the biggest changes in the Kayfabe Point Index (KPI). Speaking of big changes, John Cena is WWE champion. LOLsomethingsomething.

The biggest news coming out of last week's rankings is that Bad News Barrett (#2) will miss a good chunk of this year, opening up a top 5 spot up in the kayfabe ranking in the coming weeks. Will it be Bo? Will it be Cesaro? Hey, what's Zack Ryder been up to lately? Only time will tell. Let's go to this week's rankings!



Kayfabe Rankings (Through 7/3/14)


1 2 3 4 5

Bottom 5:

26) Sin Cara

27) Kofi Kingston

28) Jack Swagger

29) Damien Sandow

30) Titus O'Neil



  • Biggest Winner!  Dolph Ziggler (#19; moved up 4 spots) gets a kiss from the marionette from the DirecTV commercial and picks up a TV win on Fandango (#22).  Things are looking up (which means they will shortly crash down) for Dolph Ziggler
  • Biggest Loser!  A loss to Alberto Del Rio (#21) on Superstars are two bad signs for R-Truth (#24; moved down 5 spots)  What's up?!?!  Not R-Truth's ranking (terrible pun)
  • Despite a PPV win over the high ranking Big E (#6; gained most points this week), Rusev's Russian Rampage over the lower card will see him stick around 40-45 KPI for a while.  Outside of Big E, Rusev (#1) hasn't wrestled a positive KPI wrestler this season.  Looks like someone needs a little LOLCENAWINS.
  • A very rare two loss week for Cesaro (#5; he only had one decision loss coming into this week) knocks Cesaro back to 5th place.  With that said, he lost to two black guys so I ain't even mad.
  • This week Bo Dallas (#4) posed for a minute, got interrupted by Nikki Bella and was called a BO-ner.  For that, he moves up to 4th place.
  • SANDOW (#29) STILL ISN'T LAST!!!!!!!!!

*Note: A win is roughly +3 points to your KPI while a loss is roughly -2 points.  




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