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Wrestling's Most Important Facts: The United Stats Of WWE

14 Sep

"USA!  USA!  USA!  USA!" -Red-blooded American Wrestling fans

jblamericaWhen I first started this article, my plan was to go through every state and determine the 'greatest championship moment' in the history of each state.  It was then I (stupidly) realized "Wow, there have been a lot of championship changes in WWE history".  That's when the article shifted to what it is now: a look at the total number of championships that has been won in each state.

With all that said, I'm a mark for maps and really just wanted to try out this new map feature that I spent two days searching for.  

After having an Excel sheet filled with enough numbers to make Russell Crowe's character in A Beatiful Mind shit his pantsI thought it would be a perfect opportunity to bring back my favorite bi-'whenever I feel like it' segment: Wrestling's Most Important Facts!  


The Disclaimers:  

1) All Stats are taking from Jan 1984 to Summerslam 2012

2) All numbers and stats are 1984 and later because I consider the start of modern WWF to be on Jan 23rd, 1984 when Hulk Hogan beat The Iron Shiek to launch Hulkamania.  A price TNA pays to this day.

3) The WCW-WWF Title history, Pre-WWF Light Heavyweight History and the WCW United States Title history are all ignored.  Only history officially "WWF/E" were counted.  

4) This map sucks and didn't have Washington D.C.  I know it's not a state, but Starrcade was there for a lot of years and that was pretty cool, right?  No?  Yeah, good point. Let's get started!

WWE Championship + World Heavyweight Championship Wins By State Since 1984

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The Most Important Fact:

Only two states have held a Wrestlemania and have zero World Titles changes hands within their borders: Georgia and Connecticut

Georgia makes perfect sense.  Vince McMahon hates Southerners, WCW and everything in between.  Hell, the man put one of the worst and anti-climatic Wrestlemanias of all time in the same venue where Goldberg won his first world title.

I will say it was shocking to discover that Connecticut, the home base of WWE, has never had a world title change.  Clearly Vince is a masochist and gets satisfaction that the state WWE is located has never seen a World Champion.  Either that or Vince wants the first great WWE victory in Connecticut to be Linda McMahon taking office in the Senate. If that's the case...

Finally, some food for thought: If zero World Title changes in Georgia is an indication of how much Vince hated WCW, what does the eight world title changes in Florida since 2004 say about how Vince feels about TNA?  

Intercontinental Championship  + United States Championship Wins By State Since 1984


The Most Important Fact: 

With five United States Title wins (more than any other state), Pennslyvania is the most patriotic state in America.  The Liberty Bell...Kurt Angle....TWO NFL Teams.....The Crayola Company......Boy Meets World!  The only thing more American than Pennsylvania is a bald eagle wrapped in an American flag eating an apple pie while voting for an Ivy League schooled white man. The United States Title in Pennsylvania has been won by great Americans like Chris Kanyon, Rhyno, Booker T, Mr. Kennedy and The Miz.  Now that's the perfect WWE American melting pot right there. 

Hardcore Championship Wins By State


The Most Important Fact:

Texas holds the WWE record for most consecutive championship reigns in one state with 12 Hardcore Title wins in a row.

In the great cities of Odessa, Abilene and College Station, Texas for three straight nights, Bubba Ray Dudley lost his Hardcore Championship only to win it back by the night's end.

The thing I loved about the Hardcore Title, especially at live events, was that it would change hands 200 times in one night but somehow someway the original champion would win it back before the night's end.  This just adds to Vince's life long motto (that I just made up right now) -- "It only means a damn if it happens on TV".


Bonus Fact!

11 of California's 16 total Hardcore Title wins happened within roughly 24 hours. 10 of those 11 happened within a 15-minute period at Wrestlemania 2000.


ALL Major WWE Championships Since 1984

(WWE, WHC, IC, USA, World Tag Team, WWE Tag Team, European, Light Heavyweight, Cruiserweight, Women's and Hardcore)



The Most Important Fact:

Three States (Vermont, North Dakota and West Virginia) have only one title change in the history of WWE (since 1984).  Seeing how winning championships is the focal point of wrestling, one can claim these three title changes may be the greatest WWE moments these states have ever had.

I now present you with a short segment I like to call: "The Greatest WWE Moment in The History Of Their State"

Wheeling, West Virginia

October 2, 1989 on Superstars

The Brain Busters vs Demolition for the WWF World Tag Team Titles

Burlington, Vermont

April 26, 1994 on Raw

The Quebecers vs The The Headshrinkers for the WWF World Tag Team Championship

Grand Forks, North Dakota

April 29, 2001 on Smackdown

Jerry Lynn vs Jeff Hardy For The WWF Light Heavyweight Championship

Five Notable But Less Than Most Important Facts:

1) Nine States (Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota and Utah) since 1984 have never had a WWE championship of any kind won within their borders.  

Vince would probably kick these states out of the union if he were President. 

2) The Rock has won seven WWE Titles in seven different states, a record among those without a repeating state.

The American People's Champion.

3) The European Championship has been won more times in Michigan (4) than Europe (3)

They don't call Detroit 'The Paris of Michigan's Lower Peninsula' for nothing.

4) The WWE Women's Championship only changed hands in Florida in matches involving Evening Gowns: 

Debra vs. Sable in an Evening Gown Match

Miss Kitty vs. Ivory vs. Jacqueline vs. BB in a Four Corners Evening Gown Pool Match

The three most over things in Florida: Evening Gowns, Boobs and Bath Salt-Induced Zombie Attacks

5) Six states have had every WWE Title won within their borders and are members of 'The Grand Slam' club: New York, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio.  


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