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25 Jul


What you are about to read might be the funniest thing this website has ever produced.  Frequent Guest Writer Brian Jaeger uncovered some gems while writing his four part "Love Story" series and decided to share them with Podswoggle.com.  They are young Brian's, or The Notorious B.R.I's, Slam Sheet Newsletters.  We expect many more of these in the future, but here is the first one that previews WrestleMania XIV.  I have not changed any errors, mistakes or truly horrendous opinions.


-Chris Mullet

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Brian Jaeger

Brian Jaeger

Been Watching Since: 1992

Favorite Wrestler, currently: CM Punk

Favorite Wrestler of All Time: Shawn Michaels

Least Favorite Wrestler, currently: Evan Bourne

                                       Least Favorite Wrestler of All Time: JBL

                                       Guilty Pleasure: Repo Man

                                       Catchphrase: "Lately, you've been having Sunny days, my friend!"

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