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Ranking The First 10 Money In The Bank Cash-Ins

09 Jul

moneyinthebankBehind fantasy booking, I don't think I have a bigger love/hate relationship with anything wrestling-related more than I do rankings.  I spend a lot of my wrestling Internet time seeing what different people think about different events and getting new perspectives on different things.  At the same time, one man's ranking is just that: one person's idea of what they think is better than something else

With the 11th and 12th edition of WWE's Money In The Bank occurring this year, I thought it would be a fun idea to go back and look at some of the best moments in WWE history, a.k.a Money In The Bank cash-ins.  As similar as most of the cash-ins are, each one tells its own story linked by one common thread: Championships.  Also, running to the ring with a briefcase as fast as you can. 

I wonder if (kayfabe-wise) Money In The Bank winners literally spend the entire show waiting with a referee backstage.  Maybe the referee is always with the wrestler, even when they are on the road going from town to town.  Maybe WWE Network can have a The Bachelor-type show where the WWE referees vie for the duties of personal referee to Mr. Money In The Bank.

Sorry to get off track there.  Although the King Of The Ring PPV died in 2002, Money In The Bank has become the new stepping stone for upper mid-carders to go to the next level.  Even though wearing a crown is 100 times cooler than carrying a red or blue briefcase, it's a nice visual knowing that that little briefcase means big things for WWE's future. 

Money In The Bank gave us Edge's entire gimmick as the Ultimate Opportunist.  Money In The Bank gave us CM Punk's first steps to becoming a legit No. 1 main event star.  Money In The Bank gave us an Eagle Mascot.  I mean, what more can you ask for from a wrestling match?

I decided to ask all the members of the Swoggle Squad (sans Augie...sorry) how they would rank all 10 Money in the Bank cash-ins (Sorry Mr. Kennedy....Anderson).  On top of that, I created a 5th ranking where I averaged out all the votes from several wrestling fans.  Thanks to Reddit's SquaredCircle, Guest Writer Eric Miller and the countless number of wrestling forums for helping create "The Internet' ranking.

Without further ado, here are our individual rankings of Best Money In The Bank Cash-Ins!

Ranking the Best Money In The Bank Cash-Ins






 "The Internet"

Edge (06)

1 1




Rob Van Dam

2 3




Edge (07)

9 5




CM Punk (08)

3 2



CM Punk (09) 4 4




Jack Swagger 8 9




Kane 10 10



The Miz 5 7



Alberto Del Rio

6 8




Daniel Bryan 7 6



Now that you see where all of us ranked the Money In The Bank cash-ins, let's see how they averaged out.  For the sake of creativity, I also decided to go through the Cash-ins as I rank them and list One Good Thing, One Bad Thing and One Funny Thing about all 10 cash-ins. 


Number 10: Jack Swagger


Highest Ranking: #7 (Whidden)  

Lowest Ranking: #10 (Rich and The Internet)

The Good: While everything after Jack Swagger winning the World Title should be a felony in 32 states, it was nice to see WWE pull the trigger on Jack Swagger only days after Wrestlemania.

The Bad: Hey, maybe its just me, but being World Champion doesn't mean you have to be serious and be all Kobe Bryant mean stare.  Use what got you to the dance, Swagger!  Push-ups and acting like a gorilla.

The Funny: It takes Jack Swagger less time to win a World Title than it does to unhook a briefcase.  


Number 9: Kane


Highest Ranking: #4 (Rich)  

Lowest Ranking: #10 (Tope and Mullet)

The Good: The first same night Money In The Bank cash-in.

The Bad: The first same night Money In The Bank cash-in...involved Kane, Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger.

The Funny: Kane hooking Rey Mysterio's leg during the pinfall.  Just adorable.


Number 8: Alberto Del Rio


Highest Ranking: #6 (Tope, Whidden)  

Lowest Ranking: #9 (Rich)

The Good: Capped off one of the best rookie years in WWE history and was part of a very shocking ending to Summerslam.

The Bad:  After Triple H screwing Cena out of the WWE Title, CM Punk winning the Undisputed WWE Title and Booker T's Big Homie redebuting in the same segment of the cash-in, Del Rio's win felt like doing missionary with a porn star: eventful but underwhelming. 

The Funny: The exact moment when Kevin Nash realized it wasn't Konnan that he helped win the WWE Championship.


Number 7: Edge (2007)


Highest Ranking: #5 (Mullet and Whidden)  

Lowest Ranking: #9 (Tope and The Internet)

The Good: Another cap on the Ultimate Opportunist's belt and was the first strike in Undertaker and Edge's Wrestlemania 24 main event match.

The Bad: As shocking and exciting as Edge's first cash-in was, this cash in....not so much.  Not only was it on a taped Smackdown, but WWE announced that Edge won the World Title during that week's ECW before it happened. 

The Funny: JBL pulling a #ShitMyBookerSays going from "Oh no, come on Edge!  Not this way!  No Dammit!" to "It's Brilliant!  It's Brilliant" literally in a minute.


Number 6: The Miz


Highest Ranking: #4 (The Internet)  

Lowest Ranking: #10 (Whidden)

The Good: Without a doubt, the best moment of "Heel" Michael Cole's announcing career. Who knew the Michael Cole we've grown to hate could put a moment over instead of himself?

The Bad: The night after a PPV Title match, minutes after getting beat down by the entire Nexus and moments after a heated match with Wade Barrett, Randy Orton still competed with The Miz in their WWE Title Match.  STUPID!  STUPID!  

The Funny: In all honesty, this image could of been the answer for the Good, Bad and/or Funny.


Number 5: Daniel Bryan


Highest Ranking: #3 (Rich)  

Lowest Ranking: #7 (Tope)

The Good: The Birth of the YES! YES! YES! (and the underrated and forgotten WORLD! HEAVYWEIGHT! CHAMPION!).  Oh yeah, and arguably the greatest wrestler in the world rising above the indie ranks and becoming a World Champion in Vince's company...but mostly the YES! YES! YES!.

The Bad: Daniel Bryan has the dubious distinction of having the only Money In The Bank cash-in where the winner didn't use one offensive move to win the World Title. Although Daniel Bryan doing nothing to win a World Title is still more respectable than Hulk Hogan using his finger.  Go figure.

The Funny: Daniel Bryan literally dragging  the referee to the ring with himMade funnier because he did it the "first" time he cashed in Money In The Bank.


Number 4: CM Punk in 2009


Highest Ranking: #4 (Rich)  

Lowest Ranking: #8 (Whidden)

The Good: The beginning of CM Punk's REAL Beginning as a Main Event Star and No. 1 heel. 

The Bad: Made a fantastic ladder match between Edge and Hardy (their last PPV match ever) forgettable at best.   

The Funny: Personally, my favorite funny moment was watching Extreme Rules 2009 with Mullet and looking at his face when Jeff Hardy rolls up CM Punk after the GTS.  It actually looked a lot like this.


Number 3: CM Punk in 2008


Highest Ranking: #2 (Mullet)  

Lowest Ranking: #6 (Rich)

The Good: A true and legit mark out moment for us smarky, never-happy Internet fans.

The Bad: The fact that you knew a Batista/Punk feud was coming next?  It was at the beginning of the show instead of ending it? Jim Ross not calling the title win, making The King do a terrible JR impression? I'm really stretching for something bad with this cash-in.

The Funny: The sequence of the referee about to call for the bell and the awkward pause following because Lillian Garcia forgot she has to announce it's a World Title match.  CM Punk is not impressed by this.

Number 2: Rob Van Dam 


Highest Ranking: #1 (Whidden)  

Lowest Ranking: #5 (Rich)

The Good: RVD picking the time and place of the match looked strong at the time and has only looked stronger with each passing Money In The Bank cash-in.

The Bad: Not only did RVD need Edge, but he also needed Paul Heyman for him to win the title.  WWE: Booking Opponents Strong Against John Cena since 2005!

The Funny: The easy answer would be the ECW crowd in New York that night, but I'm gonna go with Taz's LEGENDARY call seconds after RVD won the WWE Title: "YEAH!  I guess....alright! (awkward laugh)"


Number 1: Edge in 2006 


Highest Ranking: #1 (Tope, Mullet, Rich, The Internet)  

Lowest Ranking: #2 (Whidden)

The Good: There will never be a Money In The Bank cash-in more shocking or better done than this one.  Simply because WWE made us forget the briefcase existed.

The Bad: It happened two months before Wrestlemania...meaning you knew the Money In The Bank cash-in was gonna be short-lived.

The Funny: Edge making out with the WWE championship with more passion than he has ever kissed Lita.  I'm surprised Edge's Live Sex Celebration the next night wasn't between him and the WWE Title.

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