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All Decked Out: New Least Favorite Wrestler Goes To...

14 May

"Hate is a strong word but it sums up everything I feel for you" -Edge

But wait! I gotta set this up.

Last month I dramatically removed Triple H from my Podswoggle Bio. I had hastily listed him as my Least Favorite Current Wrestler when I started with the Pod because I was still upset over Triple H going over C.M. Punk at a non-descript pay-per-view last year. But his great showing at WrestleMania 28 made me see the light. I’m even prouder of the decision to remove him from the lowliest of spots on my Podswoggle Bio in light of his recent beating at the hands of Brock Lesnar, who makes a dramatic debut below in my online comic strip, “…And Still Champion!”

So who will fill those empty boots in the Least Favorite category?

mainNone other than Lord Ten...*SIGH*.

Lord Ten...*SIGH* is the worst thing I’ve seen in awhile. Don’t get me wrong, I love that big A-Train went over to Japan and made a career for himself. That is awesome. But unlike the Japanese fans I’m not scared of a big bald guy in a giant red latex diaper with a bunch of tattoos. I got friends with tattoos. I got bald friends. I got friends who are way into latex. I bet if I fired off about 10 texts I’d discover that a friend has a fetish for wearing giant red diapers... it’s late and I’m cramming to meet my Podswoggle deadline here. People tend to be more honest late at night because they are either drinking or battling insomnia. I should send that text, I gotta nagging suspicion about one guy in particular...

No, I won’t go there. I’m as open-minded as I want to be at this stage of my my mid-30s life.

I think the problem with Lord Ten...*SIGH* is his packaging. See, big scary Americans are big and scary in Japan. But here in the United States? We got the loveable goof that is the Big Show. That’s why I wish that the WWE had gone a completely different route with him. It never seems too early or too late for an image overall in the WWE, so I’m going to Ryback ol’ Ten...*SIGH* and hope that the information gets to the right people in a position of real power.

So, without further ado, I give you...

Giant Baby McBurbles.

Put the man in a real diaper. Have him bring back the stinkface as his finisher and give him the interview farts that were so wrongly attributed to Natalya. Imagine wrestling a giant bald guy that has the body of a baby and who -at any given moment- could be carrying a load in his pants?

Now that’s fucking scary.


Big Brodus to the rescue!


And Still Champion...


Shawn Decker

Shawn Decker

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