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Wrestling Catchphrases: Lost In Translation

22 Feb

translationmainBelieve it or not, Podswoggle is an internationally influenced website and podcast....with entertainment. Even though the United States remains the most frequent country of origin among our visitors, we still receive hits from across the globe. From Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan to Australia, India and France, Podswoggle hasn't been banned in any country (yet).  We've even had a visitor for the Island of Guam (Hi, Guamanian Porn Bot!)

For all those wondering, I did not change my name to Tope World Peace. The point of all of this is to send out the message that while we all speak different languages, we share one trait: We are Cynical Wrestling Fans. So while you are cursing out John Laurinaitis, just remember someone halfway across the world is doing the exact same thing.

During an episode of Smackdown, @Podswoggle tweeted the following:

After a great response from our international fans on how to say YES! in different languages, I was hit with an idea.  How many times do you have to translate a word/phrase before it becomes something totally different?  Thanks to my bored mind and help from Sporcle.com, I created: "Wrestling Catchphrases: Lost in Translation".  Here's what you have to do:

I translated the wrestling catchphrases from English to Dutch to French to Italian to English to Chinese (Simplified) to Chinese (Traditional) back to English.  

Your Job: To figure out what wrestler said what catchphrase.  Also, make sure to click on the row with the catchphrase you are answering.

With all that said, Bonne Chance, In bocca al lupo, Veel geluk and, of course, Good Luck!

Tope Adebanjo

Tope Adebanjo

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