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Wrestling's Most Important Facts: Royal Rumble Edition!

25 Jan

"Let's break down the Royal Rumble match by the numbers." -Joey Styles

mainrulesEvery single year, WWE plays the same ol' "Royal Rumble: By The Numbers" video with a different voice-over and updated stats.  How many times do I need to be reminded that a lot of crappy wrestlers have been in the Royal Rumble or that Chris Benoit never existed?  

As a connoisseur of wrestling facts and wasting time, I decided to take my shot at coming up with some unique Royal Rumble facts.  Some of you might know all of these (nerds), but my hope is that one of these facts makes you go, "Really?!  But I thought...I mean I could of sworn that he was...him?  Wow."  

It's time to break down the Royal Rumble Match: Podswoggle Style!

The last Rumble Winner to NOT win a World Title the same year they won the Royal Rumble Match was Stone Cold Steve Austin in 1997

Close calls in the last 14 years include:

Edge, who won the World Heavyweight Title at Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2010, the last PPV of the year.

John Cena, who won the World Heavyweight Title at Survivor Series 2008 despite missing three months of action with a neck injury.

And...oh yeah...Vince FUCKING McMahon, who won the WWE for a week in September of 1999.

The 2005 Royal Rumble Final Four (Batista, Cena, Edge, Mysterio) is the last Royal Rumble Final where all 4 wrestlers had never won a World Title in WWE prior to the event.

It's all about the youth movement! Few men have gained the large amount of championships, fame or affairs as these four men. Wrestlemania 28 will most likely be the first time since Wrestlemania 20 where at least two members of that Final Four were not in a World Title match. Hey, maybe we'll get a Rhodes/Barrett/Brodus/R-Truth final four (or not).

The Royal Rumble entry to produce the lowest amount of total eliminations is entry #4 with 10

4The illustrious #4 entry in the Royal Rumble. The lowest entry number never to produce a Royal Rumble winner. The entry that has been filled by such legends of the sport as: Paul Roma, Jerry Sags, Kwang, Duke "The Dumpster" Droese, Phineas I. Godwinn and Psicosis. An entry that hasn't produced an elimination in a Royal Rumble since Hardcore Holly eliminated Daniel Puder in 2005. And an entry that two different wrestlers have either tied or beaten their total eliminations in one Rumble (Austin's 10 in 1997 and Kane's 11 in 2001).

Before 2011, the last six Royal Rumble Runner-Ups still went on to wrestle for a World Title at Wrestlemania

There's nothing like winning the Royal Rumble and guaranteeing yourself a Wrestlemania moment forever. Oh wait, apparently if you finish 2nd, then I guess you can go to Wrestlemania too. Let's be honest, something as silly as 'winning' the Royal Rumble isn't going to stop the likes of Cena (twice), Triple H (twice), Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton from winning World Titles at Wrestlemania. My condolences go out to Santino for heroically ending this streak in 2011.

backlundThe largest time difference between a wrestler's longest Rumble time and shortest Rumble time is 1:00:54 by Bob Backlund

In 1993, Bob Backlund shocked the world with a 3rd place Royal Rumble finish with a time of over an hour. In 1995, he stopped drinking Shawn Michaels' Secret Stuff and was in and out of the Rumble in :15. On a sidenote, all Santino has to do is last 1 hour and 56 seconds in a Royal Rumble.


Shawn Michaels is the only 'Triple Crown' Royal Rumble winner in history (Winner [1995, 1996], 1st eliminated [2003] and last eliminated [2007])

Another Shawn Michaels' wrestling record...go figure. Hell, if you want to get even more fancy, HBK is the only Grand Slam Rumble Winner as he's also finished a Royal Rumble with the most eliminations. There are a hand full of superstars who are one achievement away from joining HBK in this group, but let's be honest, what's more likely: John Cena being the first person eliminated or John "EarthQuake/Golga" Tenta winning the Rumble in 2012?  Vegas odds are split down the middle.

Since 1999, Rey Mysterio is the only Rumble winner to appear in the Royal Rumble the year before winning it

13 of the last 14 Rumble winners were too cool for school and skipped out the Royal Rumble the year before the decided to win it. Thanks a lot, Rey...

Year of Win Wrestler Royal Rumble Before Win
2011 Alberto Del Rio 2010: Not in WWE at time
2010 Edge 2009: WWE Title Match
2009 Randy Orton 2008: WWE Title Match
2008 John Cena 2007: WWE Title Match
2007 The Undertaker 2006: No Match
2006 Rey Mysterio 2005: Royal Rumble Match
2005 Batista 2004: WWE Tag Team Titles
2004 Chris Benoit 2003: WWE Title Match
2003 Brock Lesnar 2002: Not in WWE at time
2002 Triple H 2001: WWE Title Match
2001 Stone Cold Steve Austin 2000: Injured
2000 The Rock 1999: WWE Title Match
1999 Vince McMahon 1998: No Match
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