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Wrestlers with College Degrees

16 Dec

“If you have a college degree, you can be absolutely sure of one thing: You have a college degree.” -Anonymous

maingradToday is a very special day for me.  As you are reading this article, I am preparing to participate in my graduation ceremony to receive my Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (if you read the “FAQ” section on the website, you would have already known that).  My college experience will be complete.  As I prepared the past week and a half to be done with school, I wondered to myself, “How about professional wrestlers?  Do any of them have college degrees or attended college at all?”

It’s no surprise that just like any other profession (especially with physicality involved), professional wrestling cannot be done forever.  Every wrestler is on borrowed time as to how long they can participate in what they love.  You can be lucky like Sting and still be wrestling in your 50s.  You could be unlikely and suffer an unfortunate accident like Darren “Droz” Drozdov did when he was only 30.  In the end, needless to say, a college education could be a good back-up plan just in case.  And while at first this wasn’t the case, more and more wrestlers have completed their education first and then took the path to professional wrestling just in case anything happens.

Therefore, I decided to do a little bit of research and devise a quiz for all you fine wrestling fans out there.  The next 10 questions are just a small, but unusual sample as to which degrees professional wrestlers have.  It’s also made to make you think, “Wow. They may look dumb, but they are actually smart.”  So, get those #2 pencils sharpened and NO CHEATING!  Depending on how well you do, there will be a specific prize at the end for you. YOU MAY BEGIN!


nexus1. Which original Nexus member has a Bachelor’s degree in marine biology?

A) Heath Slater

B) Wade Barrett

C) Darren Young

D) Skip Sheffield

E) Justin Gabriel

B) Wade Barrett (I guess love for marine animals is at his CORRE.)


2. Which mini-talk show host has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism?

A) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (Piper’s Pit)

B) Edge (The Cutting Edge)

C) Carlito (Carlito’s Cabana)

D) Christian (Peep Show)

E) Chris Jericho (Highlight Reel)

E) Chris Jericho (Wrestler. Talk show host. Musician. Makes sense.)


3. Which former collegiate wrestler graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Education?

A) Kurt Angle

B) Shelton Benjamin

C) Brock Lesnar

D) Charlie Haas

E) Bobby Lashley

A) Kurt Angle (Figures. He’s such a great example for our youth. If you drink and drive, just say that you were never drunk. That a way, Kurt. That a way.)


nationdomination4. Which Nation of Domination member graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and is a certified accountant?

A) Faarooq

B) Rocky Maivia (The Rock)

C) Kama Mustafa (The Godfather)

D) D-Lo Brown

E) Mark Henry

D) D-Lo Brown (No doubt that no matter what, he can get you the real deal now.)


5. Which “big man” wrestler has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature?

A) Kevin Nash

B) The Big Show

C) Kane

D) The Great Khali

E) The Undertaker

C) Kane (How shocked would you have been if it was The Great Khali? Or Kevin Nash for that matter?)


6. Which second/third generation wrestler has 2 Bachelor’s degrees (Science and Business Administration)?

A) Ted DiBiase Jr.

B) Chavo Guerrero Jr.

C) Randy Orton

D) Michael McGillicutty

E) Cody Rhodes

A) Ted DiBiase Jr. (Hey, if he has the money, then he has the time to get two degrees.)


7. Which “high-flyer” has a Bachelor’s degree in Film with a minor in Theology?

A) Evan Bourne

B) Kofi Kingston

C) AJ Styles

D) Rob Van Dam

E) John Morrison

E) John Morrison (Guess he believes God did not want him to be successful in WWE. Well, nobody else wanted him to.)


mcmahon8. Which McMahon/college degree combination does NOT match?

A) Vince McMahon has a Bachelor’s degree in Business.

B) Linda McMahon has a Bachelor’s degree in Business.

C) Shane McMahon has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

D) Stephanie McMahon has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

E) All statements are true.

B) Linda McMahon has a Bachelor’s degree in Business. (It’s actually in French. WHAT?! And she thought that could help her in her run for Senate.)


9. Which non-American born wrestler has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture?

A) Alberto Del Rio

B) Sheamus

C) Drew McIntyre

D) Jinder Mahal

E) Yoshi Tatsu

A) Alberto Del Rio (I wonder if he designed his fake mansion?)


10. Which Diva/Knockout has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology?

A) Mickie James

B) Eve

C) Beth Phoenix

D) Gail Kim

E) Trish Stratus

D) Gail Kim AND E) Trish Stratus (So it’s a trick question. Sue me.)


So, how did you do?  Look at the score rankings and see where you fall.  Then, click on the link associated with your ranking group to see your prize!  If you get a minute, there are a bunch of other fun facts about wrestlers that have college degrees.  Like Glacier has a Bachelor’s AND Master’s degree in Education.  There ya go, Mullet.


0-2 answers right: High school dropout (STUPID!)

3-4 answers right: High school graduate (You have potential!)

5-6 answers right: Bachelor’s degree recipient (The ultimate BACHELOR!)

7-8 answers right: Master’s degree recipient (Grand MASTER Sexay!)

9-10 answers right: Doctorate degree recipient (Forget puns! I need a DOCTOR!)

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