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Podswoggle's Tweets of The Year: 2011

28 Dec

"...Folllllloooow me on Twwwwwiiiitttteeer!" -Zack Ryder, Z! True Long Island Story

twittermainPodswoggle is all about entertainment and nothing helps get that point across (in 140 characters or less) than @Podswoggle.  What started out as a "Let's Live Tweet Wrestlemania and see where we go" turned into us Live Tweeting Raw, Smackdown, WWE PPVs, TNA PPVs, heck even an episode or two of Impact Wrestling (It was only one).  In 2011, we lost a few legends, we gained new heroes and we made a couple of dick and fart jokes along the way.  If we could personally thank all our followers on Twitter, we would.  But, we're lazy, so we won't.  Instead, this article is our (somewhat vain) love letter to Twitter and our followers.  The Swoggle Squad went through our 3000 tweets and selected the ones which best: 1) Gave perspective on what was going on that moment in time 2) Made us really love wrestling 3) Made us wish we watched more Monday Night Football 4) And/or had us wondering how something so random can be so damn funny.  Thanks again for 2011 and we're looking forward to 2012.  So read up, hit that follow button and enjoy! #Podswoggle


As an easter egg, this year Podswoggle started the hashtag '#ShitMyBookerSays'. With the aid of Twitter, we put together some of the best quotes out of the mouth of Booker T.  Remember: anytime you are watching WWE and Booker T is absolutely insane, inane or completely uncontained, hashtagh it: #ShitMyBookerSays.

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