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The Greatest Wrestler You've Never Heard Of

14 Nov

"To even suggest you're the greatest wrestler of this generation is an insult to me and everything I stand for" -Kurt Angle

I believe the best way to describe myself is The Anderson Cooper of Professional Wrestling.  But don't confuse my boyish femininity for weakness because my driving force is finding the truth.  My goal is simple: investigating the facts to find the real answers in professional wrestling.

Now, I want you to think of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.  The Ric Flairs, The Triple Hs, The John Cenas, The Edges, The Jeff Jarretts.  Now open your eyes.  Do you know why these wrestlers are the best champions of all time?  Obviously because they've won the most World Championships.  What if I were to tell you the greatest wrestling champion of all time had never performed at Wrestlemania?  A man who defeated such greats as Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sting and was the first REAL man to end Goldberg's illustrious streak.  A man who was a 7 time WWE Champion, 5 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, 2 time TNA World Champion and a record 12 time WCW Heavyweight Champion.

The mysterious man I am talking about goes simply by the name of 'Vacated'.  I know what you're thinking, who is Vacated?  How can a man with so many titles and acclaim not be known by the general public?  To find these answers, I started my research at the hub of mass information, Wikipedia.  As you can see from the picture below, Vacated was a powerhouse in the wrestling business, with wins over Austin and Michaels, in their primes. 


But when you go to WWE.com, there isn't a sign of Vacated anywhere on WWE's "Official" WWE Title History. 


How does wrestling history erase a man who defeated Andre The Giant the SAME NIGHT Andre defeated Hulk Hogan in their Wrestlemania 3 rematch?  My search for Vacated switched from Wikipedia to Yahoo! Images to see if anyone knew what this Man of Mystery looked like.   As you can see below, while the Yahoo! images search gave us some of Vacated's biggest rivals from the 2000s, there is not one picture of the 26-time World Champion anywhere.


Then, I finally had success...or so I thought.  I came across a video on YouTube titled: "WCW Heavyweight Title is Vacated after Starcade 1997"  I thought I would finally see the epic Sting/Vacated match which some historians on blogs said was greater than the Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Sting match at Starcade 97.  But, the only thing this video had was Sting throwing down the WCW Title and then something about him talking for the first time in years.  Once again, like Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up' had done to me many times before, I was tricked by a YouTube title.

Personally, I picture Vacated as a warrior the size of Vader, but possessing the speed and agility of a superstar like The Big Show.  After pulling some strings and getting the funding from Podswoggle, I was able to create an accurate life-like picture of what Vacated might have actually looked like in his prime: Picture of Vacated

We can not sit here and allow WWE to hide Vacated from us any longer, wrestling fans.  We deserve to see classic series of championship matches that Vacated had with Edge and Batista throughout their careers. 

Here is my call to action from you, the fans of Podswoggle and professional wrestling.  Click on the link below and sign my petition to get Vacated inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

On February 5, 1988, Vacated won his first WWF Title after defeating Andre The Giant.  23 years later, he is still kicking, winning the World Heavyweight Title earlier in 2011 from Edge.  It's easy to overlook a great career, but I ask the fans, for once, don't let WWE win.  Not this time.

I'll leave you on this one last thought.  Even with the 26 world titles he had won (among the countless secondary titles), the most astonishing fact about the amazing career of Vacated is that he never ONCE vacated a championship due to injury.



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