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WWE's Best and Worst Debut Entrance Themes

28 Sep

"Who, in the blue hell, are you?"  -The Rock

wweantJim Johnston is the music composer for WWE entrance themes, among other musical things with WWE.  He can easily say he's the best in the world at what he does.  Granted, only a handful of people have ever done his job; it's a pretty cool thing to be the best at.  Think about when The Rock's theme or Stone Cold Steve Austin theme hits in an arena.  I don't think anyone will ever touch WWE when it comes to entrance themes and presentation.

I remember when I was a kid and a new wrestler debuted, I noticed the ones with good music would be around for a while.  The ones with bad music...well, let's say they weren't breaking Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak anytime soon (I'm looking at you, David Flair).  I decided to go through the WWE roster and revisit some of the best and worst WWE debut themes among current WWE wrestlers.  Some of these you remember, some of these you've repressed for so long, you don't want to remember.  At the end of the day, no matter how bad or good your music is, it's the talent that makes the music and not the other way around (This has been Podswoggle Wrestling Lesson of the Week).

Note: This list is some of the best and worst debut themes from current singles WWE wrestlers.  I avoided those wrestlers who were still on their first themes (i.e Sheamus, Sin Cara, Kharma) or wrestlers whose first theme was an established theme or part of a stable (i.e Christian with the Brood).  Sorry Heath Slater fan.

Worst of the Worst (The Jobbers)

cenaJohn Cena ("Slam Smack")

Before John Cena debuted in 2002 with WWE, he went by the ring name 'The Prototype'.  In a nutshell, he was the Prototype of the Perfect Man.  Fast forward to 2002 and John Cena would become the Prototype of the Perfect Jobber.  From his hair to his attire and, of course, his theme, Cena was the capatin of 'Team Local Wrestler'.  And then he started rappin'.  Oh how far they've come...



OrtonRandy Orton ("Blasting")

I won't lie, this theme is probably my favorite (upon first hearing it) of all the themes on this list.  I was kind of a Randy Orton mark in 2002.  But I also enjoyed watching WCW in 2000, so my opinion of good and bad isn't the best.  Randy Orton eventually evolved to one of my favorite wrestling songs with "Burn in My Light" and currently some song about voices.


bourneEvan Bourne ("Axeman")

Time to take you to Jim Johnston's School of Making Generic Entrance Music.  The Only Rule: GUITAR and POWER CHORDS!  Any questions?  Examples can be found HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE (I could literally go on for days).  Bourne eventually graduated to his current theme and avoided the pitfall of Jobber Theme Hell.



morrisonJohn Morrison ("Purity")

This theme makes the jobbers' list solely because of Jim Johnston and WWE's laziness in giving Johnny Nitro the WCW Monday Nitro theme.  I understand Johnny Nitro was Bischoff's assistant and this theme worked perfect for that gimmick. And personally, I love the WCW Monday Nitro theme.  Jim Johnston and WWE were still being lazy bastards.  Maybe I'm just a hater.


zigglerDolph Ziggler ("Time To Shout")

He was a cheerleader, he was a golf cart driver/caddie and he said "Hello" to people. Dolph Ziggler's career up to 2009 had to be one giant rib.  I listened to this theme about 5 times and I still don't know what I think about it.  All I know is, if this song played in an arena, I'm assuming a Divas' match is about to happen.  But give him a great entrance theme in 'Perfection' (rumor has it Jim Johnston made that for Joe "Michael McGillicutty" Hennig), add Maria followed by Vicki and actually give him time in the ring to wrestle and you have yourself a star. 

Best of the Best (The Superstars)

punkCM Punk ("This Fire Burns")

How often does a WWE wrestler debut with a main event theme?  CM Punk might be a Paul Heyman guy, but he had a Randy Orton theme.  As many (or few) might remember, Randy Orton used 'This Fire Burns' for a week before Vince realized "Oh, this doesn't fit Randy Orton AT ALL".  But hey, Phil made it work.



mysterioRey Mysterio ("619")

This song is just fun.  It's exactly what Rey Mysterio needed in 2002 to sell himself as the Little Big Man, superhero cruiserweight that he was.  Mix this song in with him literally "jumping out the sky" (as the song says) and you got little kids going crazy.


kaneKane ("Burned")

Badd Blood 1997.  Hell in the Cell match between Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels.  All of a sudden, this music hits and Vince McMahon utters "That's gotta be...that's gotta be Kane!"  If you heard Kane's theme in 1997-1998, you knew someone was gonna get their ass kicked (wrestlers, women and dwarfs alike).



khaliThe Great Khali ("Da.ngar")


Similar to Kane back in 1997, when you heard Khali's theme back in 2007, pants needed to be changed.  Making a monster is all in the presentation and Jim Johnston made a chilling theme with this one.  Fast-forward to Khali's face theme and it's pretty clear how much music can effect a character (as well as having a kiss cam and dancing and wearing women's clothes)



takerThe Undertaker ("Funeral March")

Can I finish with anyone else?  Just listen and enjoy one of the best themes in the history of.....everything.

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