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Wrestling's Version of The Photo Bomb: The Crowd Bomb!

09 Sep

"You've ruined it. You've ruined it! You've ruined it dammit!" -Vince McMahon to Stone Cold after Tyson/Austin's first encounter

cellphoneI'm assuming that because you're on a computer and surfing the Internet, you know what a photobomb is. For those brand new to the Internet, a photobomb is an otherwise normal photo that has been ruined or spoiled by someone who was not supposed to be in the photograph. The charm of a photobomb is that they make boring pictures tolerable and tender pictures hilarious.

As a fan of watching hours of wrestling on youtube, I've mixed wrestling and photobombing together to create....The Crowd Bomb. A crowd bomb isn't about chants or signs but it's individual fans who do things that make themselves more entertaining than the actual moments or matches. Obviously the most famous recent Crowd Bomb is Miz Girl but with every match comes another oppotunity for fans to get themselves over.

#1: The English love "The Simpsons"

During R-Truth's WWE career we knew him as the fun-loving rapper who loved to dance and would not SHUT THE HELL UP. So many years too late, Vince and his boys decided to let Truth turn heel on his former tag team partner, John Morrison. While this is a great moment (if not the best up to this point) in R-Truth's career, I will only remember it for one quote: "Somebody PLEAASSE think of the children!"At the time (and currently if you look at alot of youtube comments) people thought this was the product of a PG-loving housewife who didn't want to see this violent black man attack a bedazzled white man. WRONG! These were fans who loved a good ol' American cartoon, "The Simpsons".  Mix that with their world famous British wit/sarcasm and we've got a Crowd Bomb.. Thank you England. Start at 1:02 for playback.


#2: Heath Hate Heat

For the first time ever Heath Slater will be relevant by himself. With that said, people seem to REALLY hate Heath Slater. I don't know why. If people hate Heath Slater, why don't they hate paint drying more? Or why don't they hate watching grass growing more? Yes, he might be a One Man Rock Band but the Rock Band is Yellowcard and the One Man is its violin player. Here's two examples (YES TWO!) of WWE audience members telling Heath Slater their true feelings.

(Writer's Note: It's funny how the initials of Heath Hate Heat are HHH....just saying)


#3: Sign This Guy, Immediately!

Sheamus was put on a Brock Lesnar-sized hot track when he went from ECW Ginger to WWE Champion in less than a year. To feed this monster, WWE decided they were going to have Sheamus retire Jamie Noble via powerbomb on the fall. Cole and Lawler even pulled out their "Oh my god, this is a tragedy" voice. But as Sheamus was attacking Jamie Noble, post-match, the WWE found their newest color commentator: "[Crazy Man Laugh] DO THE BOMB! DO THE BOMB! DO THE BOMB!.....GIVE HIM SOME MORE BIG RED". I loooooove this guy. Straight down to his insane, Ted DiBiase-style laugh. If him and Booker T were calling a match together, I'd be in shitty announcer heaven. Hell, have him be Sheamus' manager. The only thing this segment convinced me of was that this crazy fan should be working for WWE right now! Listen to the greatness between 4:03-5:00

#4: The Biggest Cena Hater on Earth

Breaking News: People hate John Cena. And people have hated John Cena for a long time. I bet there is plenty of YouTube videos, tweets, Facebook notes, Tumblr entries, shirts and signs of people showing their hate for John Cena. Wrestlemania 22, after making the King of Kings Triple H tap out, Chicago was up-in-arms. But none of that compares to the fan they showed RIGHT AFTER John Cena wins the match. The face this Anti-Cena fan makes is part-Anger, part-Confusion and part-7 year old boy learning Santa Claus isn't real. If 'Miz Girl' is the face for Miz haters everywhere, then 'Cena Smark' HAS TO BE John Cena's symbol. Start at 5:39 for playback.

#5: Black Kids Love Batista

Wrestling is still real to this little kid dammit. Big Ups to the cameraman for catching this kid's reaction. I imagine in this little boys' mind, The Great Khali was going to kill Batista...literally. An added bonus is the blood-curdling scream after The Great Khali hit his chop on Batista but the main event is this little black kid's face slowly melting off his skull.

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