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My Fascination with the Corre Shirt

12 Aug

“When it comes to the Corre, there are no leaders. This is about equals.”  -Wade Barrett


Hi.  My name is Michael...and I am addicted to the Corre shirt.  That’s right.  I admit it.  That black shirt that features what can only be described as a likeness of Iron Man’s heart (copyright infringement!) has invaded my mind more than the thought of a night of bliss with Maryse.  What can I say? I’m a sucker for French accents.

It has even become a part of my everyday ritual to check the price of it online.  I’m not buying it until it’s under $10.  I may be addicted, but I am not crazy.  So it begs the question: Why I am so interested in the damn shirt when there are so many better shirts out there?  Like CM Punk’s, Stone Cold’s, The Rock’s, The Miz’s, Zack Ryder’s, Evan Bourne’s, Sin Cara’s, Dolph Ziggler’s, Daniel Bryan’s and Jack Swagger’s?  I mean, I don’t even have a Stone Cold shirt and he is my favorite wrestler of ALL TIME. That may be a crime in the rest of the Swoggle Squad’s eyes.  Quite simply, I want the shirt to wear as a tribute… to the worst stable EVER.

The Hart Foundation.  The Four Horsemen.  The Nation of Domination.  Attitude-Era DeGeneration X.  New World Order.  Right to Censor.  Evolution.  I could go on and on.  Stables and factions were a big part of what made wrestling successful during the 90s and early 2000s.  It was great to see powerful wrestlers come together and create a strong stable (like when Hogan turned heel and joined Hall and Nash to create the NWO in 1996).  It was also exciting when one person was exiled out of a stable (like Orton getting kicked out of Evolution when he won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2004) or when one person turned their back on them.  In any event, it was a win-win.  The audience would either really love or really hate a stable.  There was never an in-between reaction.  Plus, the storyline possibilities for one stable would be infinite.  I still remember forming bad-ass stables while playing the WWE video games.  My favorite?  I would create a wrestler known as “Big Mike” and form a stable with Stone Cold, The Rock, and The Undertaker.  My stable name?  “The Big Dogs.”  I was hooked.

Fast forward to the present.  Any noteworthy stables in WWE?  Nope.  As much as the Swoggle Squad completely shits on TNA, they have actually excelled at this facet in the past number of years more than WWE has.  LAX, World Elite, Main Event Mafia, Fortune, Immortal.  It’s unreal.  It is another example of how Vincent Kennedy McMahon’s pride and joy has veered away from what has been successful for them. 

In the past couple of years, the only successful stable in the WWE has been the Nexus.  While I was apprehensive at first, I grew to like the idea of the NexusCorre
controlling the WWE.  It was nice to see a dominating group again.  Then some of the members started dropping off (Young, Tarver and Sheffield due to injury).  That’s cool. Weed out the weak and make the Nexus a truly strong group.  Then CM Punk replaced Wade Barrett as the leader.  Okay, let’s get Punk in a storyline and give Barrett a push as a singles wrestler.  Then what happened next made me wonder who in the hell laced the writers’ coffees with hallucinogens. 
Slater and Gabriel were ex-communicated and they decided to join forces with Barrett on SmackDown.  Throw in a little Ezekiel Jackson and you have the birth of the Corre or essentially the “Wolfpack” of the Nexus.

So why do I consider the Corre the worst stable EVER?  Let me count the ways.

First, every big stable has a big name.  A leader.  The Nation of Domination had Faarooq.  Evolution had Triple H.  Hell, Right to Censor had Stevie Richards (hey, he was big back then). But the Corre had none.  In fact, their whole premise was that there was no leader and that they were equals.  Sure.  They didn’t even have equal face time on their entrance video.  Check it out if you think I’m lying.  STRIKE ONE!

Second, a good stable needs to be really loved or really hated.  I mean, if you collectively put together faces or heels in one stable, your feelings for each wrestler will come together and force you to have a strong reaction toward that stable.  The Corre never got any strong reactions.  And that was because no one cared about Slater and Gabriel.  They never got any strong matches to elicit strong reactions.  They were just pawns compared to Barrett and Jackson.  Since no one cared about them, no one cared about the Corre.  STRIKE TWO!

Last but not least, all great stables have a purpose.  There is some underlying reason why these people have come together.  One single purpose.  DeGeneration X wanted to do what they want despite rules.  Right to Censor wanted to clean up the Attitude Era.  Hell, the purpose of the Nexus was for these rookies to ban together and make it in the business.  What was the underlying purpose of the Corre?  None whatsoever.  It was just four random wrestlers put together because the writers had nothing else for them.  And that’s pretty apparent by their shirts and theme music.  I mean, when I hear the lyric “I’ve had enough,” I literally scream, “Me too!”  STRIKE THREE!

wmeightIf their one minute match at Wrestlemania against the team I titled the "Fluke 4" was any indication, the Corre was simply one stable that should not have existed.  They only lasted six months.  Six months!  And even though I love when WWE gets it right, I probably love it even more when they get it wrong.  Because every true fan lets them know it.  And that’s why I want the Corre shirt, to show WWE just how far they have strayed from what has worked for them by promoting and being a mark for the worst stable EVER!  Way to go WWE!

Oh, and by the way, ever wondered why the Corre had two R’s and not one? Rumor is when the four wrestlers came up with their stable name, Slater wrote it down on a piece of paper and turned it in.  However, when he did, he misspelled “Core” by accident and ended up spelling it “Corre."  WWE went with it.  A prediction of what was to come. 

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